The three divisions of the MICDS academic program-a lower, middle and upper school-provide continuity and consistency in a nurturing and challenging environment. Each division promotes teaching the individual to think creatively and logically, to master learning skills and subject matter, and to embrace a lifelong love of learning. Technology, incorporated into the classroom at every level, is a vital resource in accomplishing these goals.
Academic Program by Division
Lower School
The Lower School, named the Ronald S. Beasley School, is the coeducational elementary division of MICDS, serving students in junior kindergarten through grade four. Students are introduced at this early level to an interdisciplinary program embracing the arts, technology, physical education, science and library skills along with traditional curriculum areas.

Middle School
The Middle School, grades five through eight, provides a unique blend of coeducational and single-gender programs which increases individual confidence and promotes academic success. In addition, a cross-disciplinary approach to instruction encourages students to make connections and see learning in a comprehensive manner.

Upper School
The Upper School ensures that freshmen through seniors have a solid academic foundation and are well-prepared to perform in a demanding college environment. Students are encouraged to participate in the nationally recognized Advanced Placement program, which offers college-level course work in all major subject areas.

The overall size of the School allows it to attract superior faculty from around the nation and to offer a variety of activities and excellent facilities. MICDS, however, is committed to maintaining a low student/teacher ratio and small class sizes (the average JK to grade 12 class is 12-18 students), and to providing a warm, supportive environment.