State Science Olympiad Team Results

The TEAMS National Rankings have been released.  The MICDS Juniors ranked 20th/86 in Division 4.

The Upper School Science Olympiad team placed 10th overall out of 32 teams, winning 4th Place in Chem Lab,
3rd Place in Remote Sensing, 3rd Place in Ecology and 4th Place in Helicopter. 

US State Science Olympiad Team 2011
Ahmed, Zohair
Brown, Ellis
Choe, Dabin
Delaney, Connor
Ferris, Chloe
Frank, Steven
Galluppi, Zander
Kalugotla, Gowri
Luan, Brandon
Martin, Rachel
Seo, Nuley
Stratton, Tyler
Syed Ahmed, Mohamad
UmaShanker, Preethi
Wolfe, Matt
Xing, Luke

The Middle School Science Olympiad team placed in these events:

Battery Buggy – 1st Place; Katie and Nick Pavelec
Science Crime Busters – 4th Place; Katie Pavelec and Madi Blanchard
Optics – 3rd Place; Ben Matz and John Li
Towers – 4th Place; Jackson White and Nick Pavelec

The MS Science Olympiad Team
Max Bernstein
Madi Blanchard
Skyler Halbeck
Becky Kurian
Abinaya Lakshmanan
John Li
Ben Matz
Grace Militello
Katie Pavelec
Nick Pavelec
Francis Posega Rappleye
Shubhi Shekhar
Pravin Sivabalan
Brooks Thompson
Jackson White.