Many students at this level may be playing the sport for the first time; others have played before but lack specific coaching or technique. The emphasis at this “beginner” high school level is, above all, to foster true enjoyment of the game. While specific skills and drills are taught and playing technique developed, the technical aspects are downplayed in favor of on-court exercises that promote fitness, positive well-being, inclusiveness and lots of court time. Ideally, athletes will end the season feeling much more comfortable playing (and encouraging others to play), inclined to practice/play during the off-season and are “hooked” on the game.

The freshmen-level team is comprised of 20-24 players (10-12 females and 10-12 males), and competition is with other area high school programs. While there are exceptions, Freshmen Team Squash is generally only open to Freshmen and Sophomore players.