Sixth Graders Remove Invasive Plant Species From MICDS Grounds

As part of their ecology unit, 6th graders learned about honeysuckle brush and witnessed its invasiveness first-hand along the campus creek. With help from teachers and the MICDS grounds crew, students were taught how to remove the plant using loppers, saws, and the appropriate safety equipment.

“It’s an invasive species,” said Jonathan Weiss ’27.

“It takes up light, water, and space and kills other plants,” continued Abby Ferris ’27.

Students were able to identify the plant by its leaf pattern and the telltale red berries characteristic of the plant. By the end of their class, they had loaded up a trailer full of the brush for the grounds crew to take to the wood chipper.

Way to go, 6th graders, on helping native species thrive on MICDS’ campus!