A Fond Farewell to Departing Employees (10+ Years of Service)

MICDS faculty and staff gathered for a reception on the lawn behind Olson Hall this week to send off long-time employees (10+ years) to retirement or new adventures. There was laughter, reminiscing, well wishes, and a few tears. Several retired and former faculty and staff members joined the celebration as well. We send off these friends with full hearts and the knowledge that they will continue to share their contributions to the world, whatever they may be doing and wherever they may go.

Below is the list of our departing employees with their most recent job title listed.

Peggy Laramie (45 years)
Associate Director of Admission – Middle School
Retirement Announcement

Sandra Lee (31 years)
Lower School Librarian
Retirement Announcement

Reda Guebert (21 years)
Administrative Assistant to Director of College Counseling

Gabe Ashman (20 years)
Upper School History Teacher

Kathy Brugere (15 years)
Admission Office Administrative Assistant

Bob Shaw (17 years)
JK-12 Science Dept Chair/Middle School Science Teacher

Barb Spieler (13 years)
Lower School Music Teacher

Janet Purdy (13 years)
Upper School Math and Computer Science Teacher

Tom Wyman (10 years)
Director of Technology