Drawing – or Painting! – Inspiration from a Local Artist

As part of our carefully scaffolded Lower School history curriculum, third-grade students learn about the state of Missouri. Our teachers strive for cross-curricular opportunities and they invited their specialist colleagues to find ways to tie in their areas. Lower School Visual Arts Teacher Sarah Garner tapped into a favorite Beasley artist, local painter Cbabi Bayoc.

Bayoc has visited with our students before and is always appreciated for his ability to connect with children while encouraging them to find their own strength and power. This year, our third-grade artists are drawing inspiration from Bayoc’s work, to create their own motivating pieces. Bayoc created a series of paintings with children wearing All-Star Converse shoes to demonstrate that children have a powerful voice to stand up for what they believe in and lift others up in positive ways. Some of Bayoc’s paintings include quotes that encourage children to let their light shine and to be themselves. Beasley artists learned how to draw the profile of a figure wearing a Converse shoe and how to paint using acrylic paints, mixing and blending colors. The artists also included inspirational quotes that could lift others up.

Some of the quotes written by students include:

  • “Be an All-star!” – William B. ’31
  • “Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” – Caroline P. ’31
  • “Don’t be afraid to let your light shine.” – Brooke S. ’31
  • “You can achieve anything if you believe in it.” – Luke G. ’31
  • “You be you!” – Julia B. ’31
  • “You’re perfect just the way you are.” – Aarya S. ’31

How can you be an all-star today? Believe in your power to lift others up and inspire them to do great things!