First Graders Create Biomimicry Inventions

The following story is written by Lower School Science Specialist Laura Pupillo.

MICDS 1st grade scientists have been surrounded in the study of plants and animals. As part of our study, we explored external structures of organisms and how these structures help a plant and animal survive in the wild.

This study led us to think about the study of biomimicry, the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. Can we somehow connect what we’ve learned to invent things that solve human problems? Our young scientists loved this study and came up with some clever and helpful designs.

Here are some of their inventions:
  • A coat that can shed just like that of a dog – you pull off velcro layers when you’re too hot and add a layer when you’re too cold
  • A cooling system designed after large tree leaves
  • An armored flying car designed after birds and the armor on an armadillo
  • A cozy cup with a furry exterior – comfortable to hold and keeps your cocoa or coffee nice and hot
  • A fish trap designed with every fishing adventure in mind – it looks like a plant and simply needs to be lowered to catch the best fish

Want to create your own biomimicry invention? Perhaps these 1st grade scientists can inspire you!