MICDS Employees Receive First Vaccine Dose

Thanks to a partnership with Express Specialty Pharmacy, MICDS was able to host two COVID-19 vaccination events in the MAC over spring break, allowing an opportunity for all faculty, staff, and coaches to receive their first dose.

On Monday, March 15, the state of Missouri opened up Phase 1B Tier 3 for vaccination, which includes teachers, faculty, and staff in public, private, and nonprofit pre-K-12 schools. Our School was able to schedule two mass vaccination sessions with the help of alumni parent Hiba Halabi, owner of Express Specialty Pharmacy. Two sessions were scheduled, one on Sunday, March 21, and a backup for those who couldn’t make the first date on Saturday, March 27. Employees were sent a link to register for their appointments and filled out required health forms before coming to the MAC at their designated time.

Once there, a quick check-in process led to a fast-moving line of employees spaced six feet apart, ending at three vaccination stations. After receiving their shot, employees waited for 15 minutes under the supervision of nurses, in case of any reactions. They then exited out the other side of the building. Around 150 employees took advantage of this opportunity.

Upper School Nurse Michelle Fox said, “MICDS worked hard to provide vaccinations to our faculty and staff, and it was great to see such a large turnout!”

Follow-up appointments for the second dose are coming in mid-April when the process will be repeated. Every employee was given the option to receive a vaccine, and it was entirely their choice to do so. Employee spouses were given access to leftover vaccines, too, which avoided waste and ensured more people were vaccinated.

“I have the deepest appreciation for Mary Russell and our entire HR team,” said Upper School Teacher Proctor. They worked incredibly hard to facilitate MICDS faculty and staff receiving the COVID vaccine in a familiar and convenient setting. It has been wonderful to have this support from the School, both philosophically (understanding the importance of getting us vaccinated) and logistically (smoothly working us through the process). Thank you!”

Amy Scheer, Head of the Lower School, agreed. She said, “The clinic was so efficient, and I really appreciated the opportunity to have my spouse receive a vaccine as well. I can only imagine how much planning and coordination our HR team had to do to offer this opportunity for everyone. It is so appreciated!

“I continue to be impressed with the commitment from our school to supporting the members of our community and this clinic was another example of people going above and beyond to help. I also really appreciate the efforts by Hiba Halabi and the pharmacy staff to provide this opportunity.”

Many of our faculty and staff realize that the vaccine does more than make it safer for them to work on campus; it opens up many other opportunities. “I am so grateful that Mary Russell arranged for MICDS faculty, staff, and spouses to get vaccinated at school,” said Tim Storey, 8th Grade Dean and Middle School Drama Teacher. “My wife and I were in a constant search for COVID vaccinations. Our hopes were often raised then crushed during this tedious process. Because of MICDS, we will soon be able to visit our elderly parents and friends that we have dearly missed for over a year. The process was simple and efficient. We were in and out in less than 45 minutes.”

Junior Kindergarten Teacher and Early Childhood Curriculum Coordinator Bridget Wallace spoke for all of us when she said, „I am so grateful to our school for arranging our vaccination in a safe and comfortable location! It means a lot to me and I feel that we are one step closer to a safer community.“

Express Specialty Pharmacy is doing a great job helping local schools offer vaccinations to faculty and staff. Besides MICDS, they have partnered with John Burroughs School, St. Louis University High School, and Forsyth School. We are grateful to Dr. Halabi and her kind and friendly staff for this opportunity to help make our community even safer.