Middle School Students Selected for Metro Concert Band

Participation in the St. Louis Metro District #8 Middle School Concert Band, also known as “Honor Band,” is usually selected after each student auditions. This year, due to the pandemic, selections were instead made through a director nomination process. Middle & Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher Josh Baumgartner and Middle & Upper School Performing Arts Teacher Becky Long nominated students who represent the MICDS Middle School ensembles well and who they thought would have been selected through the normal audition process.

Congratulations to the following students who were selected for the 2020 St. Louis Metro District #8 Middle School Concert Band:

  • Sophia Ashley-Martin ’26 – Flute
  • Alex Bierling ’25 – Trumpet
  • Max Charnond ’25 – Trombone
  • Daniel Chen ’25 – Clarinet
  • Sanjana Gandhi ’25 – Tenor Sax
  • Tommy Goodman ’26 – Tuba
  • Meredith Mack ’26 – Flute
  • Jackson Vetter ’25 – Tenor Sax
  • Norah Wright ’25 – Percussion

“Participation in this group is reserved for the highest achieving 7th and 8th grade students from all of the middle schools in our district,” said Baumgartner. “I am very proud of each of these students and the work that they have done to continue to grow as musicians.”

Congratulations, Rams musicians!