Second Graders Spread Peace, Love and Kindness Through Art

How would you feel if an empty box was delivered to you? We always expect something of value to come in a box. Second grade artists in the Lower School are exploring this idea, except they are inviting one another to fill a box with something symbolic that is positive and inspiring to the receiver.

After observing art created by Nicaraguan artist Franck de las Mercedes, second graders began creating “Peace Boxes.” Peace Boxes are brightly painted packages that are figuratively filled with fragile ideas including peace, love, kindness, courage and more. The boxes are then labeled “Handle with care. Fragile. Contains peace.” Each student artist chose what they would symbolically put in their box and who they would share the package with. Conversations began surrounding the idea of making others feel happy, empowered or loved as the paint was being applied to each box.  

In addition to learning about different color theories and how to best convey a message using acrylic paint as the media, students learned how sharing an idea through art can be a very powerful thing – and can even change the world.

Story by Lower School Art Teacher Sarah Garner.