Student Doctors Diagnose Illnesses at Ram Nation Hospital

Students in Upper School Science Teacher Stacey Morgan’s anatomy and physiology class have been learning about the human body all semester, and then they had the opportunity to put what they learned into practice.

Morgan designed Ram Nation Hospital, an interactive activity that builds off the skills her students learned throughout the semester. She also recruited colleagues to be “patients,” recording telehealth videos describing their symptoms. Each patient had a telehealth video and full medical chart for the students to review. The students, as doctors, determined which diagnostic tests they believed would help them diagnose the condition of their patient. After diagnosis, they recommended a course of treatment. At the end, they were able to see if their patient survived.

“They seemed to be really enjoying it,” said Morgan. “These diagnoses are not easy and take some effort—it is amazing the level of success they have with patient diagnosis!”

Jack Morris ’21 enjoyed the challenge. He said, “Throughout the semester, Ms. Morgan has worked to give us opportunities to play the role of a physician, and perhaps none better than the Ram Nation Hospital Project. She found a unique way to allow us to confront the challenges of medical diagnoses despite the pandemic, and we all really appreciate all the time and effort she undoubtedly poured into this project. Also, thanks to Mr. Small, Mr. Foster, Ms. D’Addario, and Ms. Morgan herself for playing the roles within the project.”

Paging all Ram doctors…way to go!