Upper School Science Pivots to Continue Lab Experiments

One of the many hurdles that science teachers have had to jump this year is completing lab experiments whenever students aren’t able to gather together. One solution that has been helpful to 9th Grade Science Teacher Brian Coco is using online software called Pivot Interactives.

“Pivot Interactives has helped teachers provide as close to a real lab experience as possible,” said Coco. “With user-friendly measuring tools that accompany the excellent videos, students build and hone their measurement skills.”

The online site provides hundreds of lab experiments demonstrated using video of the lab being completed. The students don’t simply sit back and watch the labs – they actively participate in the labs by taking measurements and recording data, all integrated into the video labs.

“It gives us the opportunity to interact and control science labs online, similar to what we would do during an in-person class,” said Devon Catsavis ’24.

“It’s a great substitute for in-person labs,” added Ella Brauer ’24. “You see what you’re learning about conveyed in real life, and I think that is really essential for more hands-on or seeing-based learners like myself.”

Each video has a set of tools that allows you to pause the video, set timers, record data, and use the same measuring tools you might use in a lab – all on a digital interface. Students have even had some favorites activities from the labs that they’ve completed.

“So far, my favorite lab has been the Forces During Collisions lab,” said Alex Kellner ’24. “Two objects were hurled at each other – sometimes at different speeds, sometimes at the same speed – and we were asked to predict the outcome of what would happen when the inevitable collision would occur.”

The data the students collect from the lab activity helps them create graphs and allows them to effectively learn how to analyze data.

“The data from these activities is very good,” commented Mr. Coco. “It helps introduce the concepts we are covering or reinforces concepts we have already gone over.”

Just another of the many creative pivots that teachers and students have made this academic year!