International Board of Visitors

The MICDS International Board of Visitors was founded in 1998 – with Senator Jack Danforth ’54 serving as inaugural Chair – to educate its members about the strengths, advantages and values of the Mission, programs and future plans of MICDS in an effort to allow the Visitors the ability to offer counsel to the Head of School and support the work of MICDS.  The Board is composed of 35 – 45 prominent alumni who live outside the St. Louis region and is currently chaired by Jesse Appleton '97.

On October 27 - 28, 2016 the Board of Visitors met at MICDS. The topic for this session was "Preparing Students for College and for Life." The Visitors had large and small group discussions, heard from experts on the topic as well as young alumni, and met with administrators, faculty, and current students. 

Other topics that have been studied by the Board of Visitors include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Core Competencies of an MICDS student
  • Formulating the Next Strategic Plan
  • Non-Cognitive Skills: Emotional and Social Development
  • 21st Century Science and Math
  • Positioning MICDS as a Leader in a Competitive Marketplace
  • The MICDS 2009 -2014 Strategic Plan
  • Preparing MICDS students to be compassionate global citizens
  • A comprehensive Library/Learning Center to enhance JK-12ness
  • Diversity
  • Parent Partnerships
  • The impact of Culture on Teaching and Learning
  • Learning about the Upper School
  • The Arts
  • Athletics
  • The 2000 – 2005 Strategic Plan
  • Finding a balance with new school/old schools, excellence/community, governance/management.
  • Connecting the ethical and the intellectual in the School’s Mission
If you would like additional information on the MICDS International Board of Visitors, or if you have questions, please contact Stephanie Cusworth McNally '00 at

Board Members

Abed Ali Moyenda Mutharika Knapp
Melissa Lane Anton Praveen Kosuri
Jesse Appleton Margot Langsdorf
Dora Kim Baer Catherine Payne Lignelli
Kristin Bresnahan Michele Ely McGaffic
Georgia Cady Anthony Mitchell
Rebecca Cannon Carey Anne Scherck Morrison
Victor Cousins Mark Paskar
Nancy Curby Kristin Pate
Charles Dill Jr. Curtiss Reed Jr.
Sheridan Richardson Doherty Andrew Ribaudo
Elizabeth Sims Duff John Roberts III
David Elliott Jeffrey Rush
John Freund Christopher Sagovac
Theodore Gamble Jr. Margaret Littlefield Sahlman
Ashley McMullin Hanser Sarah Schoedinger
Alison Hillhouse Neil Senturia
Ellen Day Hoff Sara Scheffel Singer
Marc Holtz Thomas Singer
Landon Jones Jr. Emmet Smith
Amanda Kahn Willis Wang
Edward Keller Jr. Leslie Perez Wells