Intentional Use of Technology

At MICDS we recognize that technology provides unparalleled opportunity to integrate and enhance the 21st century classroom. In an increasingly technological world, we believe it is our responsibility to embrace this tool, to guide students to discern when technology is the appropriate tool and when it is not, and to lead them to become respectful and responsible digital citizens. With the maturation of the internet and the ever-increasing array of digital learning tools, it is absolutely essential for our students to become highly-skilled and responsible users of technology in all aspects of their lives.
From creating multimedia presentations, to writing blogs to manipulating real-world data for analysis, technology is leveraged in all grade levels to deepen student engagement and allow for a more thorough exploration of content. Grades JK through 4 utilize the Macintosh platform. Beginning in Grade 5, students are issued a PC, fully equipped with educational software, for their use in class and at home.
Our faculty are committed to the thoughtful integration of technology into the curriculum to deepen student engagement and inspire a more sophisticated level of critical thinking and analysis. Teachers use a wide array of educational applications and technology tools to provide students immediate access to real-world information, differentiate instruction, and enhance great teaching and learning while enabling students to extend their learning beyond the traditional school day.
Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art audio visual systems and interactive whiteboards.The campus is fully wireless with a modern WIFI network allowing both in-classroom and spontaneous use of technology resources.  
This does not mean that all learning takes place on the computer screen – quite the opposite. Deep human relationships remain at the heart of our academic program. Conversation, discussion and healthy debate is alive in all of our classrooms! At MICDS, technology is an enhancer of learning and not a substitute for the close teacher-student and peer interactions that define our intimate classroom experience.

“The use of technology as part of the curriculum has taught my child to use many learning resources that are above and beyond the traditional teaching methods. By using these tools, my child is better prepared for the future.”
- MICDS Parent
“Technology is the future – using it in class is great preparation for college and working life.”
-MICDS Parent