A Strong, Student-Centered Curriculum

As one of the premier JK-12 independent day schools in the nation, MICDS offers an innovative and highly engaging academic and co-curricular program that encourages each student to develop his or her full potential. Guided by a world-class faculty, our students are challenged to think critically and creatively to discover their individual strengths in a nurturing classroom setting that fosters meaningful collaboration and leverages the appropriate use of technology to enhance student learning.
As a school that spans early childhood through 12th grade, our comprehensive and forward-thinking educational program is carefully articulated to meet the needs of each age group. Our college preparatory program is built around cross-disciplinary connections and open-ended, real-world problems and issues, and is designed to help students master essential skills and subject matter while developing the habits of heart and mind and a lifelong love of learning that lie at the very core of our school's mission. Our students emerge as confident and capable young adults, ready to seize the many opportunities before them in order to lead meaningful lives of purpose and service and make a difference in the world around them. 

Outstanding Faculty

Excellence in academics at MICDS begins with our world-class faculty. As dedicated professionals deeply committed to engaging students in important learning both inside and outside the classroom, our teachers enjoy small class sizes, superb resources, outstanding facilities, and a deep commitment to best-practice pedagogy and the application of the most current research in effective teaching and learning.


At MICDS, the faculty is committed to the thoughtful integration of technology in order to deepen student engagement and inspire a more sophisticated level of critical thinking and analysis. Recognizing the ubiquitous nature of technology in the lives of students today, our teachers incorporate digital learning into their classroom to enhance student learning and develop our students as both sophisticated and responsible users of 21st century digital information and technology who can to share ideas across a wide variety of platforms and mediums.
At MICDS, our academic program's excellence is proven by the performance of our students! At each grade level, students are challenged and encouraged to realize their full potential and emerge with the habits, skills and confidence necessary to succeed at the next level.

Advanced Placement® Program

MICDS is one of the most active participants in the Advanced Placement® program in the Midwest Region of The College Board. Each year more than 230 students in grades 10-12 take approximately 500 AP® examinations in up to 27 separate subjects. Nearly 90% have received qualifying grades for the past three years.


Every year our graduates attend the most respected schools in the countryinstitutions such as MIT, Northwestern, Princeton, Washington University in St. Louis and Yale. Most importantly, we work with each graduate to find the university that is best-suited for them as an individual and will allow them to stretch and grow even further.


MICDS is an active participant in the annual STARS (Students and Teachers as Research Scientists) Program sponsored by the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In 2017, MICDS boasted the highest number of students selected for this prestigious apprenticeship which pairs academically talented students with top research mentors from local institutions including Washington University, Saint Louis University and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

World Language Scholars

Upper and Middle School students consistently earn outstanding scores on national exams in Latin, French, Spanish and German. These exams measure both reading comprehension and speaking skills.