International Expo: Grades JK-12, Parents
The International Expo is a biennial school-wide event that promotes, honors & celebrates MICDS’ cultural diversity with a multicultural family fun event to help MICDS students and families embrace all the world’s people with compassion.  The entire MICDS community is invited to visit and learn about the cultures and traditions of more than 40 countries through a cultural show, interactive activities, educational displays, artifacts & food tastings. Stations for each country represented are hosted by Parent & Student Ambassadors.   The Expo is a joint collaboration between the MICDS Parents Association Passport Committee and the Upper School International Council. 
¡Aventureros I! MICDS Summer Spanish Immersion experience: Rising SK and 1st Graders 
At ¡Aventureros I! MICDS Spanish Immersion Summer Camp, campers follow the path of the explorers “visiting” a different country each day, where they will celebrate Hispanic cultures through cooking, nature, arts and crafts, music and games.  Led by teachers and counselors, all activities are conducted entirely in Spanish.  This camp is ideal for heritage and native speakers, as well as children with limited Spanish proficiency. For more information, please click here:

¡Aventureros II!  MICDS Summer Spanish Immersion experience: Rising 6th-12th Graders
At ¡Aventureros II! MICDS Spanish Immersion Summer Camp, older children and adolescents are fully immersed in Spanish language and Hispanic culture through film, cooking, language classes, music and artisan activities.  Led by MICDS teachers and assistant teachers, all activities are conducted entirely in Spanish.  This camp is ideal for a range of proficiency levels, including heritage speakers. For more information, please click here:
International Council: Grades 9-12                                          
The International Council seeks to improve global and cultural understanding and acceptance of MICDS’s growing diversity.  Members organize events on campus that showcase the variety of world cultures, languages, and customs of MICDS families and people in the St. Louis area.  They assist International Programs by welcoming and acting as ambassadors to exchange students at MICDS.  They research and attend local cultural festivals and find practical opportunities to use their world language skills.  Members promote greater communication and cultural awareness within MICDS through the use of The Ram Report, The Voice, and their student newsletter, The Global Local.  
Passport Series: Parents
Through the MICDS Parents Association, parents have the opportunity to be involved in global learning and culture sharing through a parent driven organization called the Passport Committee. Throughout the year, the Passport Committee offers a Passport Series of educational, cultural, and social events for international and internationally-minded families to mix and exchange ideas.  These events offer families opportunities to celebrate and share cultures through education, music, art, theater, dance, visual arts, food and fun, with the ultimate goal of fostering & building a globally minded parent community.

International Exchange and Service Learning Programs: Grades 9-12

Our international exchange and service learning programs train confident school ambassadors, who are able to speak world languages, work with people of diverse cultures, conduct international research, think creatively and problem solve while adapting to foreign surroundings. MICDS has International partners in: Caen, France / Shanghai, China / Mar del Plata, Argentina / Madrid, Spain / Cusco, Peru .
Asian Cultures Club: Grades 9-12                                                                              
Asian Cultures Club is a celebration of Chinese culture, language, film, art, music, and food. Any interested students can join the club and have fun, whether they are taking Chinese or not.  This Club will expose the students to the maximum possible opportunities to interact with Chinese culture. Activities will include dinners, dim sum (Chinese brunch), movies, field trips to local Chinese grocery or medicine stores, guest speakers, and other cultural events in the St. Louis area.
French Club: Grades 9-12 
The purpose of this organization is to increase awareness of French culture and history.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities that are fun and enriching and relevant to the study of French.
German Club: Grades 9-12      
German Club is for anyone who loves German and/or wants to learn more about the culture of the German-speaking countries.  Students will experience all things German firsthand and find ways to promote awareness of German culture to the MICDS community. Possible activities include an Oktoberfest celebration, cooking demonstration, and a trip to a local German restaurant.
Spanish Club: Grades 9-12  
The goal of the Spanish Club is to promote awareness of the rising Spanish community in our area and to learn about different Hispanic cultures, such as cuisine and language. Different activities include going into South St. Louis to visit the different Hispanic restaurants, volunteering within the Spanish community, and going to Spanish foreign movies.