Opportunities Abroad

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  • MICDS and Institution Sainte Marie-Caen Sister School Exchange

    2011-2012 marked the initial year of our biennial exchange with our partner school in Caen, France, Institution Sainte Marie de Caen (ISMC).   Every other fall, the MICDS community welcomes students from Caen, who stay with MICDS families and attend classes in the upper school for two weeks. The following spring, MICDS students and two teacher chaperones travel to France for a two week homestay with their host families in Caen, where they attend classes at ISMC and experience the beauty and history of Normandy on school field trips. The MICDS group also spends three days in Paris to enjoy the sights of the City of Lights, including Notre Dame, Saint-Chapelle, Sacré Coeur, Musée d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and shopping at the Champs-Elysées.   

    Dates of MICDS-ISMC Exchange:
    2011-2012; 2013-2014; 2015-2016 - November visit to MICDS; March trip to France
    Next exchange: 2017-2018
    For more information, please contact Mrs. Erin Hamill, Director of Global Learning, at 314-995-7352 or ehamill@micds.org.
  • MICDS and Shanghai Foreign Language School Sister School Exchange

    MICDS began its biennial Sister School Partnership with Shanghai Foreign Language School (SFLS) in Shanghai, China, in 2011. MICDS students and teacher chaperones travel to China every other June to tour famous cultural sights, attend classes, and experience Chinese urban life through home stay visits.  The group begins in Shanghai, where they meet their Chinese counterparts from SFLS and travel to Suzhou, a cultural historic site.  The trip ends in Beijing, where they visit The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and The Great Wall.  In October of the same year, MICDS welcomes the SFLS students and their chaperones for a two-week homestay and school visit.   

    Dates of MICDS-SFLS Exchange:
    2011, 2013, 2015  - June trip to China; October visit to MICDS 
    Next exchange: 2017 - June to China; September visit to MICDS

    School website: Shanghai Foreign Language School
    For more information, please contact Mrs. Erin Hamill, Director of Global Learning, at 314-995-7352 or ehamill@micds.org.
  • MICDS and Instituto Albert Einstein in Mar del Plata Sister School Exchange

    Our bienniel exchange with our sister school, Instituto Albert Einsten (AIE), in Mar del Plata, Argentina, began in 2012.  Every other spring, MICDS Students and teacher chaperones travel to the capital city of Buenos Aires, where they tour the city, have a tango lesson and watch a tango show, go to an Argentinian soccer game, spend a day on a Gaucho ranch, and eat amazing food.  They then spend a two week homestay with host families, attend classes at IAE, and spend a weekend at a camp with their host students.  In September of the same year, MICDS welcomes the Argentinian students and their chaperones for a two-week homestay and school visit. 

    Dates of MICDS-IAE Exchange:
    2012, 2014, 2016 - March trip to Argentina; September visit to MICDS
    Next exchange: 2018
    School website: 
    Instituto Albert Einstein

    For more information, please contact Mrs. Erin Hamill, Director of Global Learning, at 314-995-7352 or ehamill@micds.org.
  • MICDS and Colegio Balder Sister School Exchange

    MICDS is excited to announce a new partnership with Colegio Balder (CB) in Madrid, Spain.  In June 2017, MICDS students and teacher chaperones will travel to Madrid for a two-week homestay with families during which time they will attend classes at CB and tour Madrid and the surrounding areas.  In September 2017, MICDS looks forward to welcoming its first group of students from CB for a two-week homestay with MICDS families.

    Exchange years:
    2017: June trip to Spain; September visit to MICDS
    2019, 2021...

    School Website: 
    Colegio Balder

    For more information, please contact Mrs. Erin Hamill, Director of Global Learning, at 314-995-7352 or ehamill@micds.org.
  • MICDS Service & Learning in Peru

    The two-week MICDS Peru Service & Learning Program combines community service with hands-on-learning in a language immersion environment. Applicants should possess maturity and compassion, be committed to learning and improving their Spanish and be interested in learning about the culture, traditions and people of Peru. 
    Students provide community service in several areas, including a rural school in Cusco, an orphanage in Chincha, and a clinic sponsored by the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) in Chincha, where they work side by side with American doctors on a mission trip and teachers in orphanages and local schools. Students must be willing to help in any way they might be needed, which may include: assisting doctors during patient visits, translating for non-Spanish speaking doctors, directing patients in the hospital, working in the pharmacy, organizing donations, stocking supplies, filing paperwork, helping to prepare food, or playing with the children.
    In addition to community service, students are exposed to Peruvian culture by taking traditional weaving and dance lessons, visiting the capital city of Lima, and touring Incan ruins in and around Cusco, including Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, one of the seven New Wonders of the World.  

    Dates of Service Learning in Peru travel program:
    June 2011
    June 2012
    June 2014
    June 2015
    June 2016
    Next programs: June 2018...

    For more information, please contact Mrs. Erin Hamill, Director of Global Learning, at 314-995-7352 or ehamill@micds.org.
    Background of MICDS involvement with PAMS Health Clinic in Chincha, Peru

    On August 15, 2007, a devastating earthquake struck the central coast of Peru, with the epicenter located 25 miles from the city of Chincha, a small town south of Lima.  Over 100 hospitals were affected and 14 were destroyed, severely disrupting health care delivery to the people in that area.  Peruvian-American Spanish teacher Ines Shultz reached out for help to the then Head of the Lower School, Michael Ebeling, who, as a result, initiated the annual MICDS collection for Pennies for Peru.  
    The first MICDS collection was donated to the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) to help with the construction of a new PAMS Medical Clinic in the city of Chincha.  PAMS physicians are Peruvian doctors who reside in the United States and travel to Peru on medical missions, providing medical care and free operations for patients in need.  Dr. Anibal Zambrano, a cardiologist at Saint Luke´s Hospital and PAMS President at the time of the earthquake, continued to go to Peru several times a year on medical missions to the Clinic until his death in July 2015.  MICDS students were fortunate to work with and learn from Dr. Zambrano during their Peru Service Learning Program service visits to the Chincha Clinic from 2012-2015.  Many of the physicians and volunteers who participate in the annual PAMS missions are parents and students from MICDS.  

    In the years following 2007, MICDS Pennies for Peru collections have continued to help rebuild and further outfit the clinic in Chincha, as well as purchase Leukemia medication for a young girl from the Andes, buy bulk food and supplies for orphanages, nursing homes, and schools in Cusco and Chincha, and contribute towards the purchase of the first dental X-ray machine at the new dental until of the Chincha Clinic.  The annual Pennies for Peru donations make a real difference to the people in Peru, with the 2014 and 2015 collections both raising over $2,000.  
  • AFS - Semester, Year, and Summer Abroad Programs

    MICDS hosts one AFS student each year, with recent students joining us from Chile, Germany, Egypt, and China.  MICDS upper school students are eligible to apply for summer, semester, or year-long study abroad opportunities through AFS, during which time they will live with a host family, take a full load of classes, and be fully immersed in the language and culture of the country.  Such experiences inspire global understanding, citizenry, and leadership, as students learn by understanding diverse perspectives and communicating across cultures.  For more information on becoming an AFS host family or studying abroad through AFS, please see: http://www.afsusa.org/
  • Alzar School - Semester Leadership School in Idaho & Chile

    The Alzar School is a semester leadership school for high school sophomores and juniors based in Cascade, Idaho that includes a six-week Spanish immersion experience in Chile.  It is built upon the “Six Foundations” of Academics, Leadership Training, Outdoor Adventure, Cultural Exchange, Service Learning, and Environmental Stewardship.  Students participate in numerous outdoor activities, including whitewater kayaking and rafting, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding, all while continuing to study their traditional academic courses.  For more information, please see:  http://alzarschool.org/
  • Swiss Semester - Semester Program in Zermatt, Switzerland

    MICDS has a long-standing relationship with Swiss Semester, a study abroad program of academic, personal, and physical challenge, located in Zermatt, Switzerland.  Each year, MICDS freshmen are invited to apply to spend the fall of their sophomore year at Swiss Semester.  While there, they experience outdoor activities in the mountains and take a full course load of rigorous academic classes that incorporate the surroundings, outdoor activities, student’s development, and school’s travels in the course material.  For more information, please see: http://www.swisssemester.org/
  • Upper School Spring Break Cultural Trips

    MICDS upper school students and their families are invited each spring break to travel on cultural tours with MICDS faculty chaperones.   

    Recent trips include:
    Cultural Jewels of Europe Tour: Berlin, Paris, Florence (2016)Tour of multiple museums and historical sites in each city, a theater performance in Paris, Sketch Paris drawing lesson in Montmartre, a street art workshop in Berlin, and a fresco painting lesson in Florence.  
    Insider’s England & France (2015) Tour of London, Normandy, the Loire Valley, and Paris.
    La Fiesta: Spain and Morocco (2014) Tour of Madrid, Seville, Granada, Costa del Sol, and Tangier.
    Prague, Budapest, Vienna (2013)

Domestic Opportunities

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  • Geology and Biodiversity of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

    In partnership with Teton Science Schools (TSS), the trip allows students to explore science while providing educational opportunities in one of the most biologically diverse and geologically special areas in the United States and planet Earth.  Small field groups of students are accompanied by trained TSS staff and MICDS teachers while they explore the park away from the tourist areas on unique and exciting hiking trails.  Students will learn field research techniques, create a unique inquiry based research project, participate in guided hikes through the mountains, observe amazing wildlife, foster leadership skills, and create lasting memories and new friendships.  All student participants will receive one trimester of high school elective science credit for participating, completing a detailed research project, and keeping daily journals and notes.

    This opportunity is open to all rising 9-12 graders, both at MICDS and other ISSL schools.  

    Program Dates:
    2015: July 16 on MICDS campus; July 18-24 in Jackson, Wyoming
    2016: July 17-24 in Jackson, Wyoming, with at least one day of class on MICDS campus the week prior to departure.
  • Habitat for Humanity, Baytown, Texas

    Each year, MICDS upper school students and chaperones spend a week in Baytown, Texas, where they work side-by-side with other volunteers and families in need to frame a home for Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat builds homes alongside people who demonstrate need and willingness to partner with Habitat.  Homeowner families invest hundreds of hours of their own “sweat equity” labor into their houses and their monthly mortgage payments go into a revolving Fund for Humanity to help fund the construction of more houses.  This opportunity is open to students in grades 9-12 and takes place the first week of spring break.
  • AP Art History Trip, Chicago, Illinois

    AP Art History students have the opportunity to spend three days in April in Chicago with MICDS Fine Arts faculty members touring numerous art exhibits and landmarks to prepare for the AP Art History Exam.  Each of the museums contains collections that cover a significant portion of the material studied in the AP Art History Class. Itinerary includes the Art Institute of Chicago, a walking tour of Chicago architecture, and public sculpture, Millennium Park, the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, Rockefeller Chapel, the Oriental Institute, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Field Museum.

Past Exchanges

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  • MICDS and Max-Planck-Gymnasium Sister School Exchange, Dortmund, Germany

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  • MICDS and Colegio México Nuevo – Querétaro Campus Sister School Exchange

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