The Middle School, grades 5-8, provides a unique blend of coeducational and single-gender experiences that increase individual confidence and promote academic success. In addition, a cross-disciplinary approach to instruction encourages students to make connections and see learning in a comprehensive manner.

Life in the Middle

We recognize that middle schoolers are at a unique stage in their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Through a unique blend of single-gender and co-ed classes, our program offers a rich skills-based curriculum with a variety of academic, athletic, artistic and co- and extra-curricular experiences that help our students develop their strengths while discovering new talents and interests, all within a safe and nurturing middle school environment. Understanding that students are not just learning content but “learning how to learn” as well, we focus on helping our students develop the core academic skills, habits and confidence to succeed in the Middle School and beyond.

A Developmentally Appropriate Middle School Curriculum

Our student-centered approach to teaching emphasizes active learning, with hands-on projects and activities that stimulate students’ innate curiosity and enthusiasm. Our Lower Middle School program (grades 5-6) is built around core grade-level teaching teams, who create lessons and activities that use core knowledge to foster meaningful cross-disciplinary connections and the acquisition of academic skills critical for a strong middle school foundation. Students in our Upper Middle School program (grades 7-8) are encouraged to exercise more independence as they mature, and to deepen their knowledge and understanding through more sophisticated projects and assignments. Good organizational habits and study skills are stressed at all grade levels, and technology is seamlessly integrated into the classroom to enhance instruction and provide authentic opportunities for students to acquire and process information and demonstrate their understanding in new ways.

Our Middle School students are taught to think critically and creatively, to speak and write effectively, and to work collaboratively in an environment that encourages healthy risk taking and individual growth. Complementing this 21st century focus are more traditional middle school elements, including a strong advisory program, emphasis on school citizenship, leadership and community service, weekly Middle School meetings, and a host of whole-class initiatives and signature activities that build strong class identity and esprit de corps among our students.

Outstanding Middle School Teachers

When asked what they like most about the Middle School, our students overwhelmingly respond with one word-- their teachers! As dedicated professionals deeply committed to engaging students in important learning both inside and outside the classroom, our Middle School teachers are passionate about their subjects, and equally passionate about working with this particular age group. Our faculty understands the joys and challenges of working with young adolescents, and eagerly embrace their roles as teachers, advisors and coaches to help each student fulfill his or her potential. Our students emerge from the Middle School as confident, enthusiastic learners and independent thinkers, eager to embrace the challenges that await them in our Upper School and beyond.