Gender responsive teaching at MICDS is just another way we deliver on our promise of differentiated teaching and learning. Our faculty uses multiple teaching strategies to best serve our individual students, including the single-gender coordinate model in Middle School. Via this model we offer our students and teachers both coed and single-gender opportunities in order to capitalize on the strengths of each setting. We know that boys’ and girls’ brains develop in different ways, especially during the middle school years. Core subjects of English, History, Math, Science and P.E. are taught in single-gender classrooms so that teachers can customize lessons and activities that target the strengths of each group. In World Language, Visual Arts and Music classes, recess, and lunch boys and girls come together to learn from each other.

Gender Responsive Teaching helps us tailor the learning experience by leveraging these differences and avoiding the trap of gender stereotyping. Year after year, our students and parents tell us that this single-gender coordinate model is one of the things that they value most about their Middle School experience. Come spend some time in our classrooms and hallways and see for yourself: Our kids love it!
“I think the single gender option is a factor that set MICDS apart from other independent schools in the area and provides the structure that is needed for academic success.”
-MICDS Middle School Parent
“The single gender model was very important for our middle school age children. It fostered a more empowered learning environment for all of our children and now that we have two in high school, we can see how it only added to their learning and social interaction when they were young.”
-MICDS Middle School and Upper School Parent