The Upper School ensures that freshmen through seniors have a solid academic foundation and are well-prepared to perform in a demanding college environment. Students are encouraged to participate in the nationally recognized Advanced Placement® program, which offers college-level course work in all major subject areas.

The Upper School is devoted to fostering lifelong learners who will have the intellectual resources and creative skills necessary to meet the challenges of college and life beyond. Guided by a world-class faculty, our students are challenged to think critically and creatively in order to discover their individual strengths in a nurturing classroom setting that fosters meaningful collaboration and leverages the appropriate use of technology to enhance student learning. The MICDS Upper School classroom encourages diversity of thought and creative problem-solving that is uniquely inherent in a great teaching and learning community.  
Our curriculum is grounded in best-practice pedagogy and a commitment to foundational knowledge that is critical to an exceptional secondary education, but also is uniquely structured in a way that encourages students to pursue their passions in individual disciplines as well. This intentional focus on creating an academic environment that sparks intellectual curiosity, encourages collaboration and communication skills, and promotes technological acuity, enhances the engagement of students and teachers in the classroom. MICDS offers more than 25 AP® courses, independent study opportunities, and blended learning experiences through Global Online Academy and international travel opportunities that further expand on the potential of the classroom experience.
Our Upper School daily class schedule deeply privileges the teacher-student relationship, depth of intellectual inquiry, and balance of rigor and stress management that collectively stimulates the learning process as a whole. Further, it provides our entire community the opportunity to interact through an advisory program that pairs each student with a faculty advisor and provides meaningful time for important character education in issues of ethics, wellness, service, and leadership that broadens the impact of the educational experiences as a whole. Our nationally-recognized four year college counseling program engenders a high school environment in which all of our students are thinking about how to be their very best selves and life after graduation. The MICDS Upper School is truly a community committed to profound teaching and learning opportunities. This very commitment to community and accompanying co-curriculars is what sets our learning environment apart.