The Admission Process begins in the fall of the year before a student’s entry into the School. At MICDS we tailor the Admission Process to the age of the student, and we welcome applications at all grade levels.
The process includes:
  • Application and Fee
  • Parent/Student Interview
  • Admission Testing
  • Teacher Recommendations, School Records and Grades
  • School/Classroom Visit
  • School Observation (Junior and Senior Kindergarten)
  • Family Early Action Option for Junior Kindergarten Applicants (details on the Lower School process link to the right)
To view the detailed admission process for the Lower, Middle
and Upper Schools please click on the links to the right.
Admission to MICDS
MICDS is a co-educational, college preparatory, non-sectarian school for students who:
-          will benefit from a demanding academic program
-          will be responsive to the values of our school community and
-          can contribute to a diverse and well-rounded class
We strive to learn about each student, their strengths, interests, and talents.  Our applicants come from a wide variety of neighborhoods and backgrounds, and we value the diversity, innovation, and the connection to community that they bring with them.  While special consideration is given to siblings and children of alumni, over half of our incoming students are new to the School each year.
MICDS admits qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin.  Financial aid is available for families who demonstrate need.