Welcome Prospective Students!

You are looking for a middle school or high school that will not only help prepare you for college but also will provide you with a space where you can be yourself, develop and discover your talents, make great friends and even have some fun! The best way to get to know the school is to experience it firsthand through a visit and tour. In the meantime consider the following:

  • Being smart and interested is easy, fun and normal – everyone around you is motivated, too. 

  • Teachers get to know you well – who you are and what you care about; you'll want to exceed their high expectations of you. 

  • Your teachers will help you develop analytical and critical thinking skills and will encourage you to express your ideas. You'll develop your own point of view, learn how to articulate it and you'll learn to respect others' differing points of view. 

  • Learning is discussion-based and technology is seamlessly integrated across the curriculum to transform the teaching and learning process. You will make connections and discoveries that you never imagined.

  • Your courses are not limited to the texts; readings and discussions go beyond the textbooks, and teachers respond to students interests.
  • We're a big school, but with a small feel.  Everyone gets active and is recognized in class, on the stage, on our sports teams, and with our clubs and activities. Your classrooms have about 16 students in them. You can be a leader here.

  • You have your own advisor. One advisor counsels you and a small group of other students throughout your MICDS years; guides your course selection; keeps in touch with your academic and social progress and is your resource and advocate. 

  • Your art teachers are artists, in and outside of school; your music teachers are musicians; your English teachers are writers; your drama teachers are performers, set designers, and directors, and so forth. All your teachers are scholars in their fields, and they love to teach. 

  • You won't just become prepared for college—you'll develop the skills that help you become prepared for life. 

  • Competitive and winning sports teams are part of the MICDS tradition. Students of all ages rally to support their Rams. With more than 29 programs and a variety of levels, whether you are a fan or athlete everyone has the opportunity to participate.

  • Your learning is more about process than outcomes, more about balance than stress

  • You can be involved in a lot of different activities here. Many students try something new that they've never done before, and that's encouraged. Or, you can take the thing you love to the max. Options are plentiful, and choices are important. 

We hope to see you soon for a visit!

Meet Our Team

List of 4 members.

  • Peggy Laramie 

    Director of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Anne Brown 

    Associate Director of Admission - Upper School
  • Eric Brunt 

    Associate Director of Admission - Middle School
  • Elizabeth Pinkerton 

    Associate Director of Admission - Lower School