Reunions and Class Gifts

50th Reunion Gifts

MICDS has a longstanding tradition of reunion classes coming together to make a special gift to the School. Join your classmates by participating in your reunion gift today.

For more information on Reunion Giving, please contact Allison Light, Director of the Annual Fund, at
CLASS OF 1966 - Reunion Year 2016:
MI: Annual Fund, $54,125
CDS: Tuition Benefit Endwoment and Annual Fund, $5,435

CLASS OF 1965 - Reunion Year 2015:
MI: Annual Fund, $61,476
CDS: Annual Fund, $132,200

CLASS OF 1964 - Reunion Year 2014:
MI: Bold Action: A Campaign for MICDS, $1,105,605
CDS: Bold Action: A Campaign for MICDS and CDS Archives, $501,780

CLASS OF 1963 - Reunion Year 2013:
MI: Fund to support the new Aquatic Center, $62,625
CDS: Funds to support Brauer Hall, Tuition Benefit for faculty, and the Grote Scholarship Fund, $1,353,328

CLASS OF 1962 - Reunion Year 2012:
MI: Fund to support tuition benefit for faculty and staff, $19,204
CDS: Renovation of lower McDonnell gymnasium, $402,340

CLASS OF 1961 - Reunion Year 2011:

MI: Endowed fund to support tuition remission for faculty and staff, $91,000
CDS: Endowed fund to support the renovation of the Upper School Library and the Squash Court, $200,000

CLASS OF 1960 - Reunion Year 2010:
MI: Endowed fund to support the JK - 12 Science Curriculum, particularly environmental science courses, $62,500
CDS: Endowed fund  to support tuition remission for faculty and staff, $175,000

CLASS OF 1959- Reunion Year 2009:
MI: Endowed fund to support tuition remission for faculty and staff, $95,000 and the Carol B. and Jerome T. Loeb Fund for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, $50,000
CDS: CDS Class of 1959 Walter J. McCreery Chair of Distinguished Teaching in Memory of George T. Braun '59, $371,000

CLASS OF 1958- Reunion Year 2008:
MI: Endowed fund to support tuition remission for faculty, $240,000
CDS: CDS Class of 1958 Faculty "Extra Efforts" Recognition Award Fund, $308,000

CLASS OF 1957- Reunion Year 2007:
MI: Endowed fund for faculty and staff continuing education, $112,000
CDS: CDS Class of 1957 Student Enrichment Fund, $250,000

CLASS OF 1956- Reunion Year 2006:
MI: Eliot Chapel Preservation Trust, $100,000
CDS: C. Robert Wells Fund for Middle School English Faculty, $100,000

CLASS OF 1955: Reunion Year 2005:
MI: Technology, $15,763
CDS: Endowed Fund for Financial Aid, $150,000

CLASS OF 1954: Reunion Year 2004
MI: Endowed Fund for Freeman Theatre & Models of the original Mary Institute buildings, $127,949
CDS: Expansion of the Upper School Dining Hall & Incentive for Excellence Fund, $1,113,823

CLASS OF 1953: Reunion Year 2003

MI & CDS: Endowed Fund for Middle School Faculty $66,877

CLASS OF 1952: Reunion Year 2002

MI: Endowed Faculty Development Fund in honor of Dorothy Stevens, $31,863.56
CDS : Music Fund and Brown Road Campus Model, $400,000+

CLASS OF 1951: Reunion Year 2001

MI: MI Class of 1951 Faculty Development Fund, $47,199
CDS: CDS Class of 1951 Library Fund and Contributions to the Alumni Writing Project, $67,000

CLASS OF 1950: Reunion Year 2000

MI: MI Class of 1950 Endowed Scholarship Fund, $26,189
CDS: Donald H. Webb Chair of Distinguished Teaching, $372,466