Habitat for Humanity Trip: Giving Back in Baytown

MICDS has a tradition of spending a week of spring break volunteering for Habitat for Humanity that spans 18 years, 15 of which have involved work in the community of Baytown, TX. This year, 30 Upper School students made the trip to Baytown to frame exterior and interior walls of a house and build a shed. "Every year we go on this trip, I am refreshed by our students' ability to give back," said Josh Smith, Athletic Director and organizer of the trip. "They want to make a difference." Smith was accompanied by faculty/staff chaperones Annie Knapp, Chris Ludbrook, Erica Moore and Samantha White.  
The following students participated in this year's trip:
Ryan Ahn
Kaylie Carpenter
Asher Clarke
Megan Currie
Matthew Curtis
Barbara Dryer Rentz Riberio
Stanley Ding
Lauren Ferguson
Naomi Ferguson
Niema Foroughi
Alexandra Fox
Isabella Fox
Hunter Grannum
Charles Huber
Alexander Huber
Nicholas LeNoir
Christian LeNoir
Lauren Martin
Akshay Patwardhan
Joshua Porter
Morgan Schafer
Bianca Sforza
Robert Sforza
Megan Smith
Charles Smoller
DeRon Sutton
Sophia Taylor
Katherine Trowbridge
Lucy Zhao
Jacqueline Zoeller