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  • MICDS Past Board Chairs

    2014-16      Julie Lilly '86
    2012-14      Terry Pflager '80
    2010-12      Stuart Campbell
    2008-10      Spencer Burke '65
    2006-08      Barry L. Babcock
    2004-06         Michael R. Holmes
    2002-04         Stephen C. Jones ‘66
    2000-02         Jack E. Thomas ‘70
    1997-00      Robert L. Virgil
    1995-97         Harry E. Rich
    1993-95         John P. Stupp Jr. ‘68
    1991-93         Victoria Shinkle Charles ‘64
  • Mary Institute Past Board Chairs

    1989-91                   Marie Campagna Brauer ‘64
    1986-89                  James S. McDonnell III ‘54
    1984-86                   Virginia Russell Rowe ‘61
    1983-84                   Reuben M. Morriss III ‘54
    1981-83                   Donald Danforth Jr. ‘50
    1979-81                   Edward J. Schnuck
    1977-79                  Stephen H. Loeb ‘49
    1975-77                   James L. Johnson Jr. ‘50
    1973-75                   Charles E. Claggett ‘27
    1971-73                   Thomas R. Remington
    1969-71                   Bourne Bean
    1965-69                   Laurence E. Mallinckrodt ‘26
    1963-65                   George K. Hoblitzelle
    1961-63                  William H. Charles ‘31
    1959-61                  Daniel Upthegrove Jr. ‘26
    1957-59                   K. Myron Hickey
    1955-57                   H. Torrey Foster
    1953-55                   I. A. Long
    1951-53                  Edmund Temple Allen
    1950-51                   Herbert N. Jones
    1948-50                   Austin P. Leland ‘24
    1947-48                   Samuel D. Capen
    1946-47                   Grayson Carroll
    1944-46                   J. Wesley McAfee
    1941-44                   Donald Danforth
    Heads of Washington University Board of Managers and Mary Institute Board of Trustees
    Mary Institute was begun in 1859 as a Department of Washington University. The Corporation of Washington University acted as an advisory board to the School. The heads of the board were:
    1931-41              Malvern Bryan Clopton
    1930-31              Charles Nagel
    1895-1930        Robert S. Brookings
    1887-95               George E. Leighton
    1859-87                William Greenleaf Eliot
    In 1940, the Corporation of Washington University appointed a separate Board of Directors to handle the affairs of Mary Institute.
  • Saint Louis Country Day School Past Board Chairs

    1989-91                   John L. Gillis, Jr. ‘57
    1987-89                   Richard T. Grote ‘63
    1985-87                  John H. Biggs
    1983-85                  Lewis B. Shepley ‘57
    1981-83                   F. Carl Schumacher Jr. ’61
    1979-81                   Charles C. Allen Jr. ‘41
    1977-79                  John Peters MacCarthy ‘50
    1975-77                   Donald H. Streett ‘52
    1973-75                   William B. McMillan Jr. ‘45
    1971-73                   Landon Y. Jones ‘34
    1969-71                   Thomas R. Collins Jr. ‘38
    1966-69                   William R. Orthwein Jr. ‘34
    1964-66                  Ethan A.H. Shepley Jr. ‘41
    1962-64                   W.L. Hadley Griffin
    1961-62                  Eugene F. Williams Jr. ‘41
    1960-61                  Kenton R. Cravens
    1958-60                  Thomas G. Rutledge
    1955-58                  Chapin S. Newhard
    1954-55                   James P. Hickok
    1951-54                   James S. McDonnell Jr.
    1950-51                   Albert W. Wenthe
    1948-50                   Donald D. Danforth
    1945-48             Ethan A.H. Shepley
    1918-45                  George T. Moore
  • Best Practices

  • Board Goals

    1. Working with the administrative team and through Board Committees, support and implement initiatives envisioned by the 2015-2022 Strategic Plan. Identify and rely upon metrics to evaluate our curricular and extracurricular programs and teaching to ensure that they are superior and in line with our Strategic Plan. Review annual Strategic Plan implementation priorities. Ongoing

    2. Review and, if necessary, revise the School’s financial aid policy to determine how best to allocate School resources to meet the School’s strategic priorities and safeguard the long-term best interests of the School. FY15-16

    3. Ensure that the administrative team set ambitious admissions goals consistent with the Strategic Plan and our Mission. Evaluate admissions performance against these goals. Ongoing

    4. Continue to ensure the successful management of the capital campaign, with special focus on endowment priorities and Athletic Excellence. Oversee the planning, financing and construction of the new athletic facilities supported by the campaign. FY15-18

    5. Foster an inclusive School environment, through support of programs and by example, where each student and his or her family feels known, respected and connected and where each student is challenged to be his or her best self. Engage in Board Diversity & Inclusion training. Ongoing

    6. Manage FY15-16 Board of Trustee Initiatives:

    • Continue review of Board Policies and develop a plan for future Policy review;
    • Ensure effective succession planning for Board and senior School leadership roles;
    • Provide opportunity for programmatic discussion during meetings;
    • Encourage all Trustees to serve as ambassadors for the School.
  • Trustee Role

Board of Trustees

Marie Brauer '64 Janet Horlacher '76
Thurman Brooks  Tracy Jasper '88
Frank Childress '79 Karen Kalinowski
Michelle Cohen '88 Maude Kandula
Kevin Coombs '05 Bob Koplar '98
Andy Cowen Stacey Liekweg
Luiz Edmond Ed Macias
Fredrik Engelhardt Kendra Neely-Martin
Barb Feiner Carla Pace
Juan Ferreira Bill Polk '74
Edes Gilbert Lisa Prinster-Messey
Jeff Giles Kent Rapp '76
Jill Gould Maureen Sheehan
Bob Hermann '70 Traci Short 
Bert Vescolani