Brighter. Better. Together.

With one eye on recent progress and the other fixed boldly to the future, MICDS is proud to share the 2015-2022 Strategic Plan – Better. Brighter. Together. This plan provides direction, articulates a clear sense of purpose and defines the directions toward which we will head to continue to fulfill the School’s Mission and to build upon our high level of successes.

The Purpose of the Strategic Planning Process
The School's strategic planning process was designed to identify evolving needs and priorities for MICDS, and to create a roadmap for allocating resources and prioritizing initiatives in the years to come. The ultimate goal of this plan is for MICDS to advance as a truly dynamic learning community leading the way in innovative and creative pedagogy while remaining committed to the School’s foundational values and mission.

The Way Forward - Implementation, Evaluation and Oversight
The successful implementation of this plan will be the work of the entire School community. As we move forward, we’ll continue to define annual action steps that enable us to reach our strategic goals and that will serve as a reference point for all that we do. New factors will emerge during the process that must be identified, assessed and incorporated into our thinking. Key Metrics will be used to measure progress and will be shared annually with our full community.

About the Planning Process
Strategic Planning which began last spring with the Board of Trustees retreat is grounded in the mission and core values that have long defined our School. Under the Board’s leadership, we’ve been deeply engaged in strategic planning.  Board Chair Julie Lilly ’86 and Board Vice-Chair Bill Polk ‘74 have led the Steering Committee, which includes several past Board Chairs. The Steering Committee conducted a careful review of the recent ISACS Self-Study and Visiting Team Report; Portraits of a MICDS Graduate created by faculty, staff, board members and parents; and lots of parent and alumni survey data to garner a deep understanding of what we as a community value most about our past experiences and our strong aspirations for the future.

Steering Committee

Board Chair Julia Jansen Lilly 86
Head of School Lisa Lyle
Board Vice Chair William Polk 74
Former Chair Henry B. Pflager III 80 
Former Chair Stuart Campbell