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    2.10 - Embrace diversity and inclusivity as critical components of the MICDS community

    2.11 - Achieve and maintain greater diversity on the Board of Trustees, the Administrative Team, and the faculty

    2.12 - Implement developmentally appropriate programming that will increase cultural awareness and foster inclusivity throughout all curricular and co-curricular programs (academics, activities, arts, athletics, and service)

    2.13 - Ensure all individuals feel welcomed and that they quickly become engaged members of the MICDS community, and that our community is a safe and supportive place that fosters growth for all

    2.14 - Continue nurturing student and adult affinity groups and supporting collaboration among them

    2.20 - Prepare our students to be leaders

    2.21 - Provide a carefully scaffolded and well-articulated leadership program in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools that offers leadership opportunities and integrates leadership skills development for all students through the arts, academics, athletics, public speaking and community service

    2.22 - Ensure that MICDS is a place where students develop the courage to be their own best selves and to share themselves with the world in ways that are confident and honest

    2.30 - Provide our students with greater global awareness so they may interact across cultures with confidence and effectiveness

    2.31 - Establish international programs and cross-cultural learning experiences through exchange programs, study/travel programs, local and regional interactions with international communities, and virtual international programs

    2.32 - Increase the presence of international faculty at MICDS while increasing the global experience of our current faculty

    2.33 - Increase global awareness throughout the curriculum and in each discipline

    2.34 - Maintain a learning environment of various perspectives that encourages students to have an active and respectful exchange of ideas

    2.40 - Instill in our students a commitment to leading lives of purpose and service within their communities

    2.41 - Place increasing emphasis on service learning throughout the curriculum at each division while continuing to support community service

    2.42 - Ensure that the Honor Code, character education and ethics education are integral parts of the existing curriculum and are woven into the fabric of everyday life and experiences at MICDS

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