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    3.10 - Implement a robust, ongoing data-driven marketing plan that focuses on more effective communication of the distinct competencies of MICDS and the value they bring to our students and their families

    3.11 - Deepen our understanding of our market and our competitive position by obtaining ongoing research data

    3.12 - Continue to refine our branding strategy to articulate a more consistent and accurate representation of the strengths of the School

    3.13 - Enhance public relations strategies and internal communications with messaging that tells our story in ways consistent with our value proposition and that creates positive publicity for our School

    3.20 - Ensure accessibility of MICDS to a broad and diverse range of students

    3.21 - Determine timing, scope and priorities for soliciting major gifts in order to secure endowment contributions that reduce dependence upon tuition dollars for operating expenses

    3.22 - Insure that all students have the opportunity to participate fully in curricular and co-curricular activities    

    3.23 - Explore the creation of a viable model for transportation services that better meets the needs of current and prospective students living in distant communities

    3.24 - Develop enhanced extended-day programs that serve the needs of contemporary families

    3.25 - Evaluate tuition and fee structures as they relate to demand for enrollment to ensure our market viability and competitiveness with prospective families in all three divisions

    3.26 - Explore viability of a program for three-year-old students

    3.30 - Further develop a culture that emphasizes efficient use of our financial and human resources and focuses those resources in areas that create the most value for our families and to our educational program

    3.31 - Benchmark costs against peer schools to identify areas for possible improvements in financial and operational efficiency

    3.32 - Carefully evaluate existing programs/activities to determine which ones are no longer providing significant value in order to fund new programs/activities to take their place

    3.33 - Better communicate and strictly follow existing policies that have been developed to ensure that all major expenditure decisions require a competitive bidding process in line with best practices of independent schools

    3.40 - Maintain a culture aware of our environmental responsibilities that helps ensure the viability of our campus for years to come

    3.41 - Implement practices related to and enhance community awareness of environmentally responsible behaviors on our campus

    3.42 - Integrate sustainability activities into the curriculum grades JK through 12

    3.43 - Explore the feasibility of implementing environmentally-responsible building practices as we plan for all new construction and renovation projects

List of 2 news stories.