A Welcoming Community

MICDS students are smart, talented and motivated. Here, everyone is viewed as an individual. We have a broad mix of students from different areas and diverse backgrounds. We believe what makes us different is what makes us interesting.
We also believe that each student possesses his or her own unique blend of talents, and the caring educators here at MICDS are steadfast in their commitment to supporting students in their educational journey as they pursue their passions and discover their dreams.
MICDS is a close-knit, friendly community.  Here we learn from each other and help each other.  We create an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected, where together we have fun learning and playing, where we forge lifelong friendships.

Student Activities: Something for Everyone

With nearly 100 student organizations and clubs across three divisions, as well as School-sponsored events, our extracurricular clubs and activities meet a variety of student interests.

For a list of available Lower School activities, please visit our EXTENDED DAY page.