The following are the descriptions for courses offered. Click on the course title for more information about each specific class, including dates, times, and the course description. Courses marked with (G) are graded and eligible for MICDS credit. Course listings are subject to change. 

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  • *CLOSED ENGLISH (Rising 9th and 10th Grade) Reading Strategies for the Writing Process

    ENGLISH (Rising 9th and 10th Grade)
    Understanding the purpose and the learning objective of reading assignments and writing tasks becomes more challenging at the secondary school level. However, applying the correct strategies ensure that students are actively engaged in the assigned texts and are pursuing meaningful insights in their responses. In this workshop, students will develop their skills in literary analysis and writing through practice activities and a multimedia project that simulate the experience of an English classroom at the upper school level. We will work on identifying strong evidence while reading a text to support paragraph arguments, as well as build a personal "tool kit" of strategies for analyzing literary devices, brainstorming for writing assignments, participating in discussions, and preparing for feedback sessions with teachers. Moving on to the next level doesn't need to be a mystery or a struggle; let's work together to be prepared. Please note that this class meets MondayWednesday, and Friday for student reflection on our work in class.

    Dates: June 11-22 (MWF), 1:00pm-3:00pm
    Teacher: Celeste Prince
    Price: $175
  • *CLOSED HISTORY (Rising 9th Grade) A Brief History of the World 1300-1900

    HISTORY (Rising 9th Grade)
    This course will highlight key developments that occurred across the major civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America from approximately 1300 to 1900 CE, focusing on the emergence of new connections between continents. Students will examine the Columbian Exchange and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, exploring how this led to different revolutionary movements both in Europe and in the Americas. We will then move to a discussion of industrialization and the global economy, and the course will end with the rise of imperialism, thus setting the stage for the 9th grade curriculum which begins with the road to World War I. Most importantly, though, this course will help students develop their critical thinking and writing skills, to better prepare them for the requirements of Upper School History classes. Students will read and analyze a combination of primary and secondary sources, as they work to improve their ability to research, write, and make presentations about various historical issues and problems.

    Dates: June 11-22, 8:30am-11:00am
    Teacher: Elizabeth Wells
    Price: $350
  • *CLOSED MATH (Rising 6th-8th Grade) Treehouse Design

    MATH (Rising 6th-8th Grade)
    Design your own treehouse! This course will give students the opportunity to apply mathematical skills to a real-world problem. Throughout the duration of the course, students will use the skills acquired in 6th grade math to plan, design, and build a model treehouse. The first half of the course will be spent working out the details of their proposal, and the second half of the class will be spent on the creation of a physical model of their proposed tree house. This fun treehouse design helps students visualize how mathematical concepts are used outside of the realm of textbooks and worksheets.

    Dates: June 12-22, 10:00am-12:00pm
    Teacher: Dustin Delfin
    Price: $250
  • *CLOSED MATH (Rising 9th Grade) Foundations for Applied Integrated Math 1

    MATH (Rising 9th Grade)
    Integrated mathematics requires a strong foundation in the algebra and geometry concepts introduced in 8th grade. This course will provide a review of important math topics to help students build the necessary understanding to find success in Applied Integrated Mathematics 1 or Integrated Mathematics 1. Using an individualized approach, students will improve their algebra skills while exploring meaningful problems that require knowledge of many math concepts. The course will also help build problem solving techniques in preparation for the type of work required in the 9th grade courses.

    Dates: July 9-20, 8:30am - 11:30am
    Teacher: Jody Marberry
    Price: $425
  • *CLOSED SCIENCE (Rising 10th Grade) STEM 1.5

    SCIENCE (Rising 10th Grade)
    The purpose of this class is to help students build a stronger foundation of basic math and science skills to help increase success in the Science 10 course. In this course, students will address and practice skills such as:
    • Dimensional analysis
    • Intramolecular forces
    • Periodic trends
    • Electron configurations and orbital diagrams
    • Ions vs. atoms
    • Nomenclature of chemical compounds
    • Identifying and using polyatomic ions in compounds 
    Collaborative work will be very important in this class. In addition to learning and strengthening the skills via the teacher, students will work together in groups to help them work through the activities and assignments.
    *Note: This course will meet Monday, June 25-Thursday, June 28 AND Monday, July 9-Thursday, July 12

    Dates: June 25-28 (M-Th), 9:00am-11:30am and July 9-12 (M-Th), 9:00am-11:30am
    Teacher: Laura Bradford
    Price: $275

  • *CLOSED SCIENCE (Rising 9th Grade) STEM 0.5

    SCIENCE (Rising 9th Grade)
    A strong start for high school science is key to success. STEM 0.5 is a way for students to practice foundational pieces required in the ninth grade required course. Topics include data collection, experimental design, graphing and data analysis, and dimensional analysis. The course will be taught using inquiry based methods and the 5 E’s of engineering.

    Dates: July 9-20, 12:30pm-2:30pm
    Teacher: Brian Coco
    Price: $275
  • *CLOSED WORLD LANGUAGE (Rising 9th and 10th Grade) Spanish 1.5

    WORLD LANGUAGE (Rising 9th and 10th Grade)
    Immerse yourself in Spanish this summer! The Spanish 1.5 course is designed to build on the foundation of skills and vocabulary learned in the Spanish 100 level to prepare you for success in Spanish 200. During this two-week long course, students will engage in projects and collaborative work designed to reinforce and extend skills and broaden vocabulary. Students will complete two Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA’s) throughout the duration of this course. Any student having completed Spanish 100 and wishing to start the school year on a strong foot, or wanting extra exposure to Spanish is welcome to take this course!

    Dates: June 11-22, 12:00pm-2:00pm
    Teacher: Alyoska Hajdukiewicz
    Price: $275