Annual Fund

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  • Enduring Excellence

    There is no single gift more important to MICDS than a gift to the Annual Fund.  The Annual Fund touches every student, every program, every day. A multi-year commitment has the most impact as it ensures a steady stream of support for the duration of the Bold Action campaign, and, you will be recognized for the aggregate amount of your multi-year gift. Click here to download a pledge form.

Building for the Future

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  • McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall

    This 86,000 square foot building houses mathematics and science classroom/laboratories, robotics and plant science research laboratories, a greenhouse, an 800-seat auditorium, student commons areas, a faculty work center and outdoor learning spaces. This new facility will provide a stellar educational experience for students and will solidify MICDS' reputation as the premier independent school in the Midwest.
  • Aquatic Center

    MICDS requires a flexible new aquatic facility that will fully support its competitive swimming, diving and water polo programs as well as instructional classes and cross-training opportunities for all student athletes.  Recognizing that swimming is a lifetime sport enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, it is an integral part of our physical education program.  This new facility will also allow the School to host major events and to provide a venue for community programs like Daisy Water Polo, Clayton Shaw Park Swimming and our adult swim program.
  • Athletic Complex

    The new stadium will serve several field sports, including football, boys and girls lacrosse and boys and girls soccer, and will include stadium seating for 1000 and a Press Box. There are also plans for a hospitality center which will nurture a strong sense of community by providing a centrally-located hub for students, parents, and alumni to gather and show school spirit, access restrooms and get a bite to eat. This complex will serve all fields. Upgrades to the current Ellis Field will create a premier Track and Field venue which includes aluminum bleachers (seating for 600), track support building and on-site storage.

Ensuring Student Access

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  • Assistance Beyond Tuition Program

    Endowment to support an Assistance Beyond Tuition Program will ensure that all students are able to participate in the full MICDS experience by covering costs of programs and activities not covered by tuition. This Program could support a student seeking to be part of an art history field trip to Chicago, enable an athlete to join the lacrosse team on a training trip, ensure that a student has the opportunity to visit a few colleges, or simply provide a long white dress for May Day and graduation. Each of these experiences constitutes an important part of what it means to be an MICDS student and no child should feel excluded from any one of them.
  • Financial Aid Program

    A robust Financial Aid Program helps MICDS attract bright young students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the School. MICDS has had a long tradition of committing generous resources to support financial aid. Growing an endowment earmarked toward financial aid will help guarantee a socio-economically diverse community in perpetuity while reducing reliance on tuition dollars to support the operation of the School. Nearly 25% of all current students receive need-based financial aid. Financial aid awards vary from $1,000 to $20,000, helping a wide range of families.

Supporting Faculty Excellence

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  • Apprentice Teaching Fellows Program

    Offering an Apprentice Teaching Fellows Program will allow MICDS to attract and develop young men and women with extraordinary talents in key disciplines who are new to the teaching profession but show great promise to become, over time, excellent independent school educators themselves. The program provides the opportunity for a talented aspiring teacher to partner with a senior member of the faculty and immerse him or herself in the classroom for an entire academic year.
  • Tuition Benefit Fund

    The Tuition Benefit Fund is an employee benefit that is indispensable in attracting and retaining the best and brightest faculty from a national pool. It is a benefit offered widely by other top independent schools across the country. MICDS knows from experience that faculty members whose children are enrolled in the School participate in and commit more fully to the life of the School because they know their own children benefit from the same educational opportunities their students enjoy.

Campaign Donors

MICDS would like to thank all of our wonderful supporters who help us change lives and change the world.  Below is a list of our Bold Action Leadership Donors who have generously contributed to Bold Action: A Campaign for MICDS with a gift of $10,000 or more.

Leadership Donors as of February 28, 2018

Lead Donors
Jim '54 and Libby Hall McDonnell '58
Steve '63 and Kimmy Thompson Brauer '64
Dave '95 and Mary Steward
David and Thelma Steward

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999

Tee '64 and Shellie Baur
Lee and Chrissy Taylor Broughton '94
Bob '40 and Mary Lee Hermann
Bob '70 and Signa Hermann
Bill and Kerry Holekamp
Rick and Lotsie Hermann Holton '67
Carol Bodenheimer Loeb '59
Philip and Sandy '59 Mann
John '81 and Linda O'Hara
William R. Orthwein Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation 
Bill '74 and Carrie Polk

John '68 and Julie Stupp
Philip and Judith Stupp
Andy and Barbara Taylor
Harlan Wallingford '45
Addie Ward
B.K. Werner Family

$500,000 - $999,999

Greg and Merle Fox
Harris Frank '43
Peggy Wightman Kobusch '56
Kathy '76 and Jim Kohlbry
Kris ’84 and Lynn Kosup
Betsey Homeier '81
Bob and Jane Spoehrer Tschudy '56
Trudy Valentine
Joe '84 and Susan Kobusch Werner '85
Pete and Linda Tschudy Werner '81

$250,000 - $499,999

Flo Baur '40
Tom and Ruth Brouster
Clay Calvert '83 
Stuart and Jane Campbell
Carolyn Borders '52 and Don Danforth '50
Dick '63 and Suzy Grote
Mitch Platin MD and Madhavi "Maude" Kandula MD
Alicia McDonnell '86
Ed '70 and Cindy Potter
Tim and Elizabeth Swank
Jack '70 and Debbie Thomas

$100,000 - $249,999
Anonymous (4)
Henry '82 and Theresa Biggs
John and Cam Brauch
John '82 and Amy Brown
Parker '81 and Margaret Condie
Chris '94 and Molly Danforth
Bill Danforth '44
Luiz and Cristiana Edmond
Steve and Leslie Goldberg
Susie '58 and Mel Glasscock
Dan and Lisa Guirl
Keith '75 and Beth Harbison '79
Eugene Harris '82
Christy Franchot James '65
Wes Jones '74 and Nancy Ylvisaker
Jim and Amy Kalishman
Margaret Ann and Mike Latta ’59
Bill and Lois Leith
Rich and Stacey Liekweg
Peter '50 and Talbot Leland MacCarthy '54
Joe and Robin McClanathan
John '89 Momtazee
Terry and Sally Braxton Schnuck ’71
Dan Singer '54
$25,000 - $99,999
Jack and Laura Anderson
David and Tonia Angle
Justin '98 and Julie Aylward
Kirk '83 and Katherine Baldwin
Laura Danforth '81 and Charlie Barnes
Andrew '85 and Jennifer Lindsey Baur
Kathy Button Bell
Elliot and Linda '70 Benoist

Joseph and Genevieve Bianco
Van ’48 and Marion Bischoff Black ’53
Steve and Kelly Bloom
Suzy '95 and Beau Brauer '95
Michael and Beth Brunt
Spencer '65 and Phoebe Scott Burke '69
Steve and Barb Burrows
Clay '83 Calvert
Landers '74 and Mimi White Carnal '78
Jeff '88 and Michelle Leith Cohen'88 
Jack and Patty Flance Croughan ’64
Carol '77 Danforth
Don '85 and Susannah Danforth
Rand Dankner '71 
Spencer P. Desai '83
Scott and Melissa Duncan
George Erker '39
Rob and Andrea Feldman
Peter and Beth Engelsmann Flanigan '78
The Terry Franc Family
Wayne and Eunice Francis
Paul '76 and Susan Goldberg
Marc and Carol Goldstein
Ernest '84 and Patrice Greer
Cap ’70 and Jen Grossman
Skip '73 and Karen Grossman
Nelson and Cindy Grumney
Fred ’59 and Kathy Thompson Hanser ’60 
Andrew '85 and Marty Hereford
David '73 and Kathy Danforth Hollo '78
Ron and Maggie Holtman
Steve and Diane Holste
Michael '56 and Sheila Morrin Humphreys '59
Bill and Teresa Hutton
Lisa Parriott '82 and Chris Imbs
Sanjay Jain and Brooks Critchfield
Dan '86 and Tracy Kaye Jasper '86
Dan '78 and Lisa Johnson
Don and Renee Johnson
Ray and Karen Kalinowski
David and Jeanne Kennedy
Andy '80 and Dee Dee Kohn
Ted and Nancy Koplar 
Bob '98 and Emily Brady Koplar '98
Ted and Ann Levis
Steve '85 and Julie Jansen Lilly '86
Gregg and Brandy Lippert
John and Michele Lochhead

Eli and Leanne Lustgarten
Jean '64 and Leigh Limberg Mason '65
Mike '75 and Susan Medart
Mark '80 and Jackie Militello
Ben Miller ’58
Charlie and Andrea Miller
Steve Miller and Vicky Fraser
Rich and Joan Millman
Jason and McKay Baur Mills '92
Jorj and George Morgan ’64
Dave and Lori Moser
Paul and Kathleen Munsch
Ricky and Elizabeth Nix
David Nuzum '92
Terry '80 and Alden Pflager
Warren Phillips '05
Steve and Kim Pope
Nick '95 and Katie Potter
Grier and Linda Raclin
Kent '76 and Jenny Rapp
Buddy '81 and Jeana Reisinger
Nancy Bates '85 and Jon Rianhard
Burton '90 and Rachel Roberts
Marty and Debbie Rush
Fued and Silvane Sadala
Tim '82 and Geetha Rao Sant '82
James '65 and Tatyana Schumaker
Mark '72 and Alice '74 Sedwick
Jim and Karen Shaughnessy
Paul and Laura Shaughnessy
Joe and Rosemary Shaughnessy
Lew Shepley '57
Steve and Elizabeth Schott
Ted Simmons '55
Carter '75 and Anne Sullivan
Ed '65 and Mary Sumner
Steve '84 and Joanna Eckhoff Tschudy '89
Peter '76 and Andi Mills Van Cleve '76
Art and Lisa Weiss
Amanda and Hal Wellford
Ron Wienstroer and Diane Compardo
Jon and Sharon Williams
Will and Tammy Withington
Bill '43 and Elaine Wolff
Ross '67 and Carrie Woolsey
Chris and Melissa Wright
Michael and Callaway Zuccarello

$10,000 - $24,999
Anonymous (4)
Harry Agress Jr. '64
Benjamin and Bola Akande
Mark and Amy Bade
Jay and Diana Baumohl
Jim and Donna Block
Bill Bowersox ’57
Jason '94 and Sarah Saghir Brauer '94
Becky '74 and Joe Carey
Eric Carmichael and Trisha Becker
Dan and Anne Carpenter
Pele and Frank Childress ’79
Lisa Dennig '75 and Kevin Coulter
Jim ’64 and Alicia Lydon Crawford ’67
Greg and Sarah Daney
Larry and Sondra Denk
Charles '54 and Patti Disbrow
Barbara '64 and Charlie Dunlap
Curt and Robin Ewing Engler ’66
Jeff '94 and Christina Giles
John '57 and Nicki Mitchell Gillis '59
Mary and Joe Gira ’89
Susie '58 and Mel Glasscock
Fred '65 and Wendy Goldberg
Bob and Stacey Lohr Graves ’89
Arthur and Becky Howe Hailand ’74
Betsy Hall Miller '87
Mark and Leslie Hood
Sean and Jill Pruellage Hunt '86
Richard and Susan Johnston
Lee '61 and Claire Kaufman
Glenn and Gail Kellow
Linda and Tom Langsdorf ’65
Catherine Payne Lignelli ’88
Jim and Julie Lohr
George and Kathryn Elliott Love ’84
John '78 and Kate MacCarthy
Ed and Tedi Macias
Michael Maguire and Mimi MacDonald '83
Harriet Marshall '88
Jay '64 and Susan Marshall
Jay ’64 and Molly Lane Mason ’65
John and Mary Mason
Blockie '65 and Anne Stupp McAlpin '64
Mike and Mai McLaughlin
Wes '70 and Mary Anne Mellow
Rick Messey and Lisa Prinster-Messey
Edward O'Donnell and Pamela Woodard
Dan Ory and Jean Schaffer
Henry and Talbot MacCarthy Payne '80
Mark and Linda Proctor
Lindsay Newbold Purcell '87 and John Purcell
Win Reed and Heidi St. Peter
Allan and Harriet Travilla Reynolds ’74
Ray and Cheryl Robbins
Mike and Kay Bates Ruwitch ’83
Chris '80 and Gail Sagovac
David Sanders and Lisa Lyle
Bevis '74 and Patience Phillips Schock '75
John and Connie Schoenecker
Doug '82 and Laura Schukar
Jim '65 and Tanya Schumaker
Dwight Seward '83
Tim '65 and Martine Smith
Steve and Lisa Stine
Stu Stock '64
Jobie '88 and Meade Summers
Mark and Melissa Turken
Bert and Dani Vescolani
Rick and Tammy Walsh
Ross '67 and Carrie Woolsey
Scott and Mary Ann Wymore