Distance Learning

An excellent education awaits at MICDS whether on campus or at home.

A School with No Boundaries to Learning

Our campus is 100 acres. In the spring of 2020, it grew to our students' kitchen tables, bedrooms and backyards.

Rams attending classes from home while some even sport athletic jerseys during a Virtual Spirit Week!

A seamless transition

An unstoppable commitment to fostering critical thinking, academic rigor, and lives of purpose and service.

Learning never stops

The same intentional curriculum delivered with the same high standards. No matter what.


Seniors in English Department Chair Lynn Mittler’s class finished their English careers at MICDS with the Global Action Project (GAP), and although this year’s “symposium” was a bit different due to distance learning, the projects presented were as remarkable and inspiring as ever!

Students were tasked with creating a social enterprise that would address an unjust equilibrium and find a leverage point to shift that system. They worked in groups of three or four to tackle a variety of issues ranging from food deserts to mobile health. From reading and studying nonfiction books, they collaborated to explore problems and find creative solutions.

Each team worked together—virtually during distance learning—to research issues before building a business plan to address the issue at hand. They collaborated using Loom which recorded their speaking presentation as their slides were displayed. The presentations were delivered virtually to a panel that included Mittler, Assistant Head of School Brian Thomas, and several MICDS alums.

Alum and panelist Charles Mullenger ’06 was especially impressed with the projects given this year’s unusual circumstances. He said, “It is abundantly clear that students took the time to do the research and put together a compelling case for solving some incredibly important problems. Furthermore, this exercise is a great experience to learn how to present over video. This is part of business as we continue our spiking rates of globalization. In my role, I give presentations and discuss business weekly with partners all over the world, and it is a super important skill set to have. It can be uncomfortable, but the seniors did a very nice job considering the challenges they faced during COVID-19!”

“I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out,” Mittler remarked. “Students were clearly engaged in their projects and eager to keep working. I really could not be more impressed with these students. We had nearly perfect attendance after spring break and they stayed committed to their projects and their teams. I continue to be grateful that our school supports this experience for our students and will never forget this group who so courageously rose to the occasion.”

Listening for Feedback

What our MICDS parents are saying...

"We had an excellent experience with distance learning. What was most impressive was that distance learning was pulled off seamlessly throughout the entire school. MICDS was able to guide the kids through positively with world-class technology and outstanding leadership. The teachers were amazing — they jumped in, adjusted to the situation, listened, and continued to adjust. I was extremely pleased that the kids continued to learn at the same accelerated level that MICDS teaches at."

Milva Finnegan
~Parent of Beasley Student, Middle Schooler, and Upper Schooler

Outstanding Faculty

Brilliant, agile teachers crafting lessons that brim with creativity.

What did our faculty teach during distance learning? The same content that they normally would deliver in person! Here are just a few examples of the creative lessons and projects our teachers facilitated with students:

  • A Virtual Science Research Symposium

  • Monologue Performances over Zoom

  • Bioethical Podcasts in 10th Grade
  • Poetry Lessons via TikTok Video Challenges
  • Designing Dream Houses to Practice Geometry Skills
  • The 3rd Grade Virtual History Museum
  • Mandarin-Led Workout Videos

  • Virtual Art Galleries
  • A Virtual Swim Week in Junior and Senior Kindergarten

  • A Surprise Farm Sanctuary Tour for 2nd Grade

  • Simon Says in Senior Kindergarten

  • Zoom Band, Strings and Choir Performances
  • Storytime with Head of School Jay Rainey and his wife Ruth

Technology as an educational tool to help students thrive

In the first day of distance learning, we connected with each other in over 650 classes, meetings and one-on-one sessions. Imagine what our technology allows in a week, semester, or year!

"In distance learning, we had the strength of our technology program in place so students were very comfortable with the many platforms we use, and it was a really easy transition for them to be able to access those from home."

Jennifer Schuckman
Head of Middle School

Students rise to the occasion and embrace the challenge.

Launching learning into the next galaxy


Fifth graders recently finished a unique project where they researched different astronomy topics and then presented their research through media that included music videos, TV commercials, models and more. The students then shared their projects with their class over Zoom sessions.

Projects included a rap song about nebulae, a movie trailer for Pluto, breaking news stories on Mars and galaxies, rocket models and a “Space Race” board game.

“I was blown away with the creativity and hard work that the students put into these projects,” said 5th Grade Science Teacher Branson Lawrence. “Their research provided tons of really interesting facts about a variety of astronomy topics, and their use of digital tools like WeVideo, GarageBand and iMovie–to name a few–showed just how talented and gifted our fifth graders are.”

Check out some of the student videos and music projects in the link below. Great work, astronomers!

An unstoppable, connected community.

We are #RamsTogether

During distance learning in the spring, Upper Schoolers continued to mentor Lower Schoolers in our peer tutoring program. Across divisions, students met over Zoom along with a Student Support staff member. Whether needing help with knowing how to transition to Middle School or wanting feedback on recorder-playing skills, students had the opportunity to learn from one another as older students mentored the younger Ram friends.

Learning done well, above and beyond like always

"We know that the strongest learning happens when there’s a confluence of pedagogical innovation, curricular strength and affective connections. We were able to transition that to an online framework that was committed to learning. The expectations intellectually were still there. We were still asking our kids to do heavy lifting intellectually; we were still supporting them in that work and we were doing that in an online framework that didn’t look that different from what we were doing in person."

Scott Small
Head of Upper School

Keeping Active in Beasley Lower School

Lower Schoolers Encourage Whole Family to Keep Physically Active at Home


The entire Beasley Lower School community – and, in many cases, their family members too – participated in the OPEN National Field Day event on Friday, May 8, and Head of School Jay Rainey jumped in on the fun as well! 

Students were given a variety of activities to choose from, all of which were doable indoors or out, with common household items such as rolled-up sock balls and spoons. The whole family was encouraged to get in on the action and show their Ram pride with a friendly, competitive spirit and lots of physical activity. Check out the highlight reel below.

Lower School Physical Education Teacher Sue Orlando shared, “Field Day is an important tradition in Beasley. It is a significant day for our students, faculty and staff, and we feel that in these incredibly challenging times, this national event is a unique way that we can stay connected as a community and support one another in a fun and meaningful way. We hope that the Lower School Field Day also provided a fun opportunity for students and their families to be physically active together and with our entire Beasley school community.”

The Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) is a national public service organization that provides curriculum and training support to more than 90,000 teachers in all 50 states. MICDS used OPEN’s helpful resources—scorecards, game rules, equipment lists of common household items, demonstration videos, etc.—to organize our School’s participation in #NationalFieldDay. Even if you do not have a Beasley student, you are welcome to check out the field day games event pack and try some of these fun activities with your family. They are a lot of fun and provide a great way to stay active! 

Going the distance

Inspiring a love of learning with the community, resources, and teachers to go any distance.

Junior Kindergarteners share virtual hearts in a Zoom session.