Play and Learn From Start to Finish

Lower School Enrichment Classes are underway for the winter season! When the school day is over for our youngest students, there is still room to engage the brain in enjoyable and stimulating activities. With boundless energy at this age, the students are primed and ready to keep the day going.

Students in JK-4th grade engage in classes with titles that might even sound fun for adults, such as Lego Mindstorm, Chess, Video Production, Little Pediatrician School, Supersonic Superheroes, Woodworking, Extraordinary Lab, Yoga, and Charity Crafts.

Extending the day’s learning into robotics, video creation, woodworking, and trying on the role of a superhero fosters imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness for these young students.

“I enjoy watching students do activities with classmates they might not know as well, or don’t necessarily spend the most time with during the school day. And, it’s great to see our own MICDS faculty and staff teach something that is dear to them. Ms. Miller puts her yoga certification into practice by teaching yoga, Mr. Brennan showcases his hidden woodworking skills, Ms. Pupillo shares her love of robotics, and Ms. McGaughey demonstrates her passion for arts and crafts…it’s truly awesome to witness,” remarked Matt Blair, Director of Extended Day.

It’s a good day when you can play and learn from start to finish!