At MICDS, we strive each day to uplift our bold Mission as we prepare the whole person with the intellectual, social/emotional, and leadership skills they need to be successful and positive contributors to a diverse, global, and rapidly changing society. Below are the ways we—together as school administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and students—bring our Mission to life.

Excelling in Academic and Community Engagement

We teach students to become resilient self-advocates who are developing into their best selves as they pursue academic excellence, individual achievement, and meaningful collaboration within the community. They acquire the skills to do so through our college preparatory curriculum, advisory, homeroom, community time programming, media literacy training, hands-on learning, and co-curricular activities such as athletics, the arts, reading and science groups, and other student activities. Through all of these outlets, we partner with parents and empower students to embody virtues such as respect, honesty, and integrity as they prepare to become confident and responsible citizens in the world they will inherit.

Fostering Compassion and Inclusion

We cultivate a learning environment in which all students, faculty, staff, and parents are valued, affirmed, and included as equal members of the community, embracing and celebrating race, color, religion, family structure, national or ethnic origin, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, and gender identity. In addition to celebrating the diversity among us at MICDS, we also prepare our students to become culturally competent as they learn to thrive in a diverse world. Foundational to that preparation involves self-awareness, embracing difference, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and treating others with respect and dignity. In particular, we strive to impart compassion and empathy.

Leading with Purpose and Service

We foster a life of discovery, where students pursue their passions in and out of the classroom. Through a variety of classroom and co-curricular activities, students explore their curiosities, innovate, develop a sense of agency, and learn the necessary skills and awareness to be thoughtful and ethical leaders. In addition, they work toward advancing the greater good through service to others, in and throughout our MICDS community, locally, domestically, and abroad.

Standing for what is Good and Right

At MICDS, we empower students to be upstanders, rather than bystanders. This means they become individuals who take a stand for their values in a respectful way. They speak up when those values are compromised or threatened, and they commit to holding themselves, their peers, and leadership accountable for good and right actions and behavior. We encourage members of the community to report any issues or infractions directly and immediately to an MICDS faculty member or administrator. Furthermore, we ask students to do what is good and right, not just for them or their gain, but for the whole of the community, thinking especially about those who are most vulnerable.