Welcome to the MICDS Fund.

“The MICDS Fund not only provides crucial budget support for the School but is an important measure of the engagement and commitment of the School’s community members.” – Head of School Jay Rainey

The MICDS Fund is critical to the ongoing operations of the School and is a small but mighty part of our operating income. Tuition covers the basics, but the MICDS Fund allows MICDS to be exceptional; it affords the School the flexibility to greenlight needs and opportunities as they arise as well as respond to the most pressing financial concerns. MICDS relies on a few principal sources of income: tuition, endowment income, and donations to the MICDS Fund. These are the essential ingredients we have to operate the School at its highest level and provide the students and faculty with all the tools they need to excel.

The founders of our School were pioneers in education, and we proudly uphold their vision through new and innovative approaches in the classroom and beyond. Your support of the MICDS Fund is critical to the successful present and future of our School and our steadfast commitment to questioning, evaluating, and improving curriculum and programs. Please give today so that we can continue our constant pursuit of fostering thoughtful, passionate individuals who are equipped and empowered to change the world.


I welcome your questions about the MICDS Fund and look forward to connecting with you!