Our Libraries At-A-Glance

Home to three full-service libraries, one in each respective division, MICDS libraries enthusiastically support teaching and learning with a rich collection of databases, print materials, and digital tools. Each is staffed by full-time, professionally trained librarians.

Butler-Spencer Library (Grades JK-4)

The Lower School’s Spencer Library is a magical place that our youngest MICDS students visit each week to develop a love and respect for books, ideas, and learning. Part of the total educational program of the Ronald S. Beasley School, it provides guidance in the use of library services and resources to personalize teaching and individualize learning.

Messing Library (Grades 5-8)

At the Messing Library, located in Middle School, students enjoy a rich collection of information resources to support their academic studies and satiate their curiosity. The librarian team-teaches with faculty to integrate authentic, inquiry-based learning, research, and information literacy. The librarian joys in nurturing a community of readers by maintaining a collection of the latest and greatest Middle School-appropriate novels and graphic novels for all our readers.

McCulloch Library (Grades 9-12)

Filled with popular fiction and non-fiction books, the Upper School’s McCulloch Library promotes information literacy, research, and a love of reading. It is staffed by two full-time librarians who collaborate closely with faculty to integrate research into the curriculum and teach students the necessary strategies to navigate information ethically and effectively.

Library hours.

Library Mission

The MICDS Libraries' Mission

The mission of the MICDS Libraries is to ensure that students and faculty are information-fluent citizens, empowered with the knowledge, the skills, and the compassion necessary for success in a rapidly changing world.


Library Mission

Ethical Users of Information

Students learn to use, synthesize, evaluate, and communicate information ethically and effectively.

Middle School Library

Library Mission

Being on the Same Page

Librarians collaborate with faculty to promote learning across the curriculum.

Library Mission

Developing Insight through Skillful Research

We lead in the implementation of curricular standards for research and information literacy.

Library Mission

Abundant, Applicable Resources

Students are provided with equitable access to an exciting and diverse collection of information resources and programs reflective of the needs of our community.

Middle School LIbrary

Library Mission

Never Stop Turning the Page

We strive to foster a love for reading, lifelong learning, and libraries.

Middle School Library
Middle School LIbrary

Library Resources

Explore a sea of resources.

Butler-Spencer Library

More than 14,000 print items, 600 e-books, and over 10,000 circulations per school year.

Messing Library

More than 11,000 books, 2,000 e-books, and access to 50 databases.

McCulloch Library

More than 17,000 books, 2,000 e-books, and access to 50 databases.

McCulloch Library Technology Resources

A 3D printer, a wide variety of camera and video equipment, and hundreds of CDs and DVDs.

Meet our Librarians.