Snow Day Science

Our JK-12 Science Department Chair, Dr. Bob Shaw, never misses a chance to share fun facts and encourage continued learning. On our first snow day of the school year, he sent out this fun information:

Optional Interactive Snow Day Exercise (includes a place to add your neighborhood’s average snow depth!)

Here’s a Polar Vortex video that explains why it has been and will be very cold.

Learn the role of gravity in how snow forms and falls.

Learn about the types of snow and snow formations (snow roller is my favorite).

Shh, it is quieter when it snows. Here’s the science behind the claim.

Refresher on how to read an imperial/standard ruler, though I prefer cm.

Click on the link in #1 (last two questions) to upload your average snow depth for your neighborhood.

With your parent’s permission, I encourage you to explore the outdoors, go sledding, build something out of snow, and maybe do a bit of shoveling today. But first, dress warmly and hydrate. If you start to get cold, go inside. Be safe!

Cover all skin with a layer of clothing. I recommend using a cloth or medical mask to reduce exposed skin on your face. Using the chart below, I recommend only being outside for 30-45 minutes with exposed skin.

Thanks for the helpful—and fun—info, Dr. Shaw!