Second Graders Plan Ultimate Kid-Friendly St. Louis Tourism Experience

Second graders planned the ultimate kid-friendly tourism experience in their recent St. Louis-themed project-based learning unit, and they went on a special surprise field trip—a trolley tour of these tourist attractions. Project-Based Learning is a teaching method that allows students to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a topic, in this case, St. Louis landmark attractions for kids. Students worked together in small groups to research local attractions and plan a creative, informative and entertaining kids activity at their selected landmark. The list included the Magic House, Ted Drewes, Botanical Gardens, Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium, Fox Theater, Science Center and Planetarium.

Culminating the project, the surprise field trip took them via trolley to all eight of these landmarks. At each stop, the group responsible for that landmark presented to their peers on its history and importance, and they shared the kids’ activity they designed.

This week, students presented their landmarks and activities to parents, family and friends in the classrooms at a special gathering. 

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