Ram Nation is proud of our robust athletic training program which is part of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) List of Safe Sports Schools. Since 1994, the program has supported the health and safety of all MICDS athletes. Led by our two athletic trainers, Head Athletic Trainer Stacey Morgan and Athletic Trainer Ben Krueger, the program fosters the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of sports-related injuries and illnesses.


Athletic Training FAQ.

Our athletic trainers juggle many different responsibilities at MICDS from helping with fractured femurs, torn ACLs, and dislocated shoulders to administering CPR, physical therapy exercises, and evaluating concussions. They also do so much more! Learn more about the athletic training profession, the program at MICDS, and all that our athletic trainers do in the FAQ below.

Explore the Athletic Training Room.

Treatment Tables

Heat Packs/Heating Unit and Ice Bags/Ice Machine

A Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Sports Bath

An Ultrasound Machine

Foam rolls

Tape, Bandages, and Wraps

Physical Therapy Equipment

Dumbbells, Ankle Weights, Bosu Balls, Step Platform Benches, Mini Trampolines, Resistance Bands, and more

“What makes our athletic training room so amazing isn’t just the extensive equipment that is readily available to us but also the amazing people. Ms. Morgan and Mr. Krueger have helped me grow into the athlete I am today. Because of them, I am now more conscious about how I can prevent injuries and take care of my body overall.”

Ella Durrill ’21

Meet our athletic trainers!