All Fall Sports Are in Full Swing

Fall sports began with a lot of questions, mainly concerning whether the student-athletes would be able to compete at some point during the fall. The St. Louis County guidelines loosened gradually, allowing certain sports with low contact to compete sooner than those with high contact. Now, all sports—cheerleading, cross country, cycling, field hockey, football, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, and volleyball—are able to compete after the guidelines were loosened again.

“I really appreciate all of the efforts our coaches, trainers, and student-athletes have put into the fall to get us to the point where all of our fall sports are competing,” said Athletic Director Josh Smith. “We have a wonderful community here, and it has shown in how hard everyone has worked together.”

And that work began on day one. Student-athletes and coaches put in extra effort on and off the field with the hopes that competition would finally be able to happen.

“I have to admit, it was a crazy transition,” said Field Hockey Coach Lynn Mittler. “We went from weeks and weeks of practice with no competition in sight, to a six-game schedule packed with the best teams in St. Louis. I was really proud of how our girls responded and they were certainly elated to finally get to compete.”

For many of those athletes and coaches, the hard work during practice paid off.

“It certainly has been a unique situation this season, so to actually get to play a game versus a conference school was welcomed by all,” said Football Coach Fred Bouchard. “To play a game and to get a win in the process was fun for our team and validated our hard work leading up to the first game.”