Subjects and Curriculum

Curriculum for a life of discovery.

Language Arts

Carefully curated literature and a process-oriented writing program give students the foundation they need to communicate ideas effectively and develop word knowledge, fluency, and comprehension.


Children dive into the elements of life science, physical science, and earth science both in the classroom and outdoors while exploring our campus.


Our Math in Focus program emphasizes Singapore Math concepts, skills, and problem-solving brought to life with hands-on instruction and practice.

Social Studies

With an emphasis on the early stages of research and organization, children explore culture, history, geography, citizenship, and global connections.


Visual art offers a foray into the world of ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting, while students use music to listen, compose, rehearse, perform, and collaborate together.

Physical Education

Teamwork is learned by participating in daily physical activity, working with others to achieve goals and have fun.

World Languages

An introduction to Spanish language and Latin American cultures highlights literature, music, geography, and dance.

"If a student takes a particular interest in an aspect of class, we work together to...dig a little deeper to find things that the students can connect with, and use that as a way to give them the confidence to work through problems at an early age.”

Sarah Garner
Lower School Visual Arts Teacher

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Why JK-12?

Learn about how our JK-12 School offers numerous unique educational opportunities, resources, and a strong sense of community that only a JK-12 school can provide.

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Winter Term

Between the fall and spring semesters, MICDS Lower School students embrace a unique experiential learning opportunity dubbed “Winter Term.” Launched in 2024, this program in January allows all Lower, Middle, and Upper School Rams to venture outside of the traditional school day in order to dive into immersive courses and hands-on experiences. From specialized classes and fun learning themes, Winter Term sparks a remarkable and perhaps pivotal learning adventure for all Rams!

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After-School Programs

Continue learning outside of school hours with Extended Day, Enrichment Classes, Holiday Camp, Scouting Programs, and Parent-led Recreational Team Sports.

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Special Programs and Experiences

The many Lower School activities include Grandparents and Special Friends Day, "Reading, Writing, and Running, Too!", field trips, musical performances, Third-Grade U.S. Regional Presentations, Third- and Fourth-Grade Chorus, Fourth Grade Invention Fair, International Expo, Ultimate Kids Tour of St. Louis, Skate Week, & Swim Week

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Information Literacy and Technology

Students learn to find information, appropriate sources, and tools, and become more creative and sophisticated in the presentation of knowledge.

Quick Facts

6:1 student-teacher ratio in the Lower School

42% of our student body school-wide identify as students of color

50+ new Lower School students come from more than 25 different public, private, religious, and independent schools/preschools