Courses to inspire lifelong learning.


Bottling knowledge from hands-on experiments, students examine discoveries in physics, bio-chemistry, environmental science, and more.

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With carefully calculated classes in algebra, statistics, calculus, and integrated mathematics, students add knowledge they can count on.

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Students present 1-minute speeches to their class

History & Social Sciences

Learning from the past, students explore post-1900 world history, U.S. history, local topics, and more to become engaged global citizens.

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Students page through American and global literature, literary analysis and creative writing to develop lettered literary skills.

World Languages

Students expand their horizons with language courses to learn Spanish, French, Latin, and/or Mandarin Chinese.

Unique Electives

From entrepreneurship, public speaking, and finance to neuroscience and psychology, a plethora of fascinating subjects weave throughout the curriculum.

"One of the most important things that I’ve learned during my time at MICDS is that you can get as far in life as you want to. It’s about the work that you do and the effort that you put in."

GeGe Pflager ’18

Curricular Activities

Fine & Performing Arts

Every student is required to take fine and performing arts. Classes include ceramics, painting, chamber choir, photography, architecture, acting, digital design, and instrumental music.

Curricular Activities


As part of our Mission, 9th - 11th grade students participate in two seasons of athletic activity per year. Twelfth grade students participate in at least one season of athletic activity per year.

Curricular Activities

College Counseling

Starting in 9th grade, students work one-on-one with a counselor to make informed decisions, curate courses, and plan their path to the college or university that will be the best fit.