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The best way to get to know our School is to experience it through a visit or a tour. Please contact the Admission Office at 314-995-7367 to schedule a tour or visit campus to see the MICDS community in action!


Take a peek at our campus.

All campuses share access to the STEM facility, McDonnell Athletic Center, athletic fields and Olympic-sized pool. Each division has its own dedicated library and dining hall. Learn more about our facilities here.

Also, if your family would like to come to campus for a stroll or perhaps even a jog, you are welcome here. Our outdoor campus is open to visitors, especially during evenings and weekends.

"When visitors come to MICDS, the first thing they notice is how wonderful our campus is. Between the gardens, fields, and architecture, a lot goes into keeping our learning space beautiful. But what people often overlook when they visit us is how intertwined our community is. Yes, we are fortunate enough to have these tall buildings and cool technology, but the real thing that makes MICDS what it is is our community. We have sports, spirit weeks, after-school activities, and arts. With everything going on, the campus is practically busy 24/7. From early, early hours in the morning to late hours at night, we are all here to help each other succeed, and that’s what I love most about MICDS."

Amelia Markwell ’22
Young MICDS Alumna