Limitless legacy leaders.

The MICDS Alumni Association is the living embodiment of our School’s education and ideals. Linking current and future alumni in lifelong relationships, our Alumni Association cherishes the school and its heritage, supports its goals and aspirations, models its virtues and values the school’s dedication to educating ethical, compassionate leaders of the future.

Welcome, Alumni!

Dear MICDS Alumni Community,

What an exciting time to be a Ram! We have kicked off a new school year and with it, another year of opportunities to connect with our growing alumni community. There are more than 8,000 alumni living all over the world, all of whom are an invaluable part of our school’s past, present, and future. Our shared memories from our time at Mary I, CDS, and MICDS are what connects us—our favorite traditions, teachers, athletic teams, theatrical performances, projects, and more. As the leaders of the MICDS Alumni Association, our job is to create even more shared memories and engaging moments that bring alumni back together on campus and beyond. 

This year, our Alumni Association will continue to deliver on our mission of providing MI, CDS, and MICDS alumni with meaningful opportunities to connect with the MICDS community at large. Throughout this school year, the Alumni Association will offer a variety of ways for all alumni to continue learning, networking, and building relationships within our community by a​ttending events, supporting our sports teams, celebrating reunions, submitting Class Notes, or participating in annual giving.

We are proud to serve as your Alumni Association leadership and welcome your thoughts, questions, and suggestions to help strengthen our MI, CDS, and MICDS alumni community. Whether you attend an alumni event, volunteer your time, follow along on social media, or return to campus, we hope you will continue to enjoy participating in MICDS’ vibrant community.

Cheers to another exciting and impactful school year,

Lindsey, Raj, and Muffy

Lindsey Herzog Shipley ’07, President
Raj Tailor ’92, First Vice President
Muffy Peters Brennan ’96, Second Vice President

Alumni Association Leadership