The Cheerleading team kicked off the season by attending the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) summer cheer camp in Branson, Missouri. In addition to working on their skill sets for both cheer and dance, they earned some accolades: 1st place for Dance Routine Overall, Small Varsity, and 1st place for Cheer Performance Overall, Small Varsity. Jada Greer ’24 and Haya Hussain ’24 won the All-American Award for senior cheer performance. Mia Krieger ’24 earned the “Pin it Forward” Award for leadership, kindness, and spirit. The team was awarded the “spirit banana” for overall school spirit and positive attitude, and garnered two additional 2nd-place trophies and a 2nd-place ribbon. The team was also gifted a cooler and a plaque for winning the Traditions Award, given to the team whose traditions inspired the entire camp and brought the most energy. These traditions include but are not limited to their “Y-E-L-L” cheer, “The Winner’s Circle” cheer they perform every time a game is won, and their basketball cheer, “The Mighty Varsity.” They returned ready to share their spirit with the community. Krieger and Cora Bryan ’24 were named captains for the fall season and served their team well. Attending all football games, both home and away, the cheerleaders supported the football players before and during the competition. They brought fresh choreography and new routines to the Homecoming pep rally, after spreading school spirit with vibrant decorations on the Upper School campus. They hit the deck and did pushups every time the football Rams scored, which meant they clocked in a whopping 1,733 pushups this season! Thanks to our seniors for serving as great role models for the rest of the team: Krieger, Bryan, Greer, Hussain, Chloe Martin ’24, and Nyla Meeks ’24.