2019 Class President Addresses Classmates at Senior Night

On Friday, May 17, two days before Commencement, MICDS Class President Jordan Rothrock ’19 addressed his peers at Senior Night. He shared his remarks with us.

Jordan Rothrock '19, Senior Class President, shares his remarks from Senior Night.The MICDS Class of 2019 is a group of 142 unique, passionate, and outspoken individuals who have worked hard to achieve multi-faceted success whether that be in the classroom, on the sports field, through the visual and performing arts, in various community service-oriented opportunities and much more.

Over the past four years, we have carried on a legacy of impressive Boys and Girls Lacrosse State Championships, made it all the way to both the Girls Basketball and Boys Football Missouri State Finals, and taken State in Girls Track and Field. Incredible athletes have also contributed to titles and remarkable feats in Diving, Girls Field Hockey, Boys Baseball, and Boys Golf.

We’ve also established numerous other traditions such as various Best Buddies events as well as the first ever MICDS Dance Marathon for Children’s Miracle Network, raising a grand total of 12,531 dollars and one cent. Additionally, our class is home to computer programming extraordinaires who have created mobile apps and school-wide websites to improve the lives of people at MICDS.

We have prestigious, award-winning students who have started innovative community service programs, talented artists who have won competitions and had several pieces on display in museums to inspire viewers, and a coalition of gifted performers and musicians who have put on amazing shows for the enjoyment of several audiences.

Our grade also consists of scientists who have spent countless hours making new discoveries and refining their research techniques over the summer and throughout the school year. All these accolades and more demonstrate how the Class of 2019 strives for excellence in all areas and has a heart for helping and impacting others in a positive way. Needless to say, we have left a lasting impression on this institution that will not be forgotten any time soon.

Those who have helped us reach these important milestones include our parents who have supported us and given us the opportunity to make the most of our time here. Our teachers have pushed and prepared us to handle any challenge thrown our way. Advisors, coaches and other mentors have been there to pick us back up when we were struggling and supported us in our many other endeavors. And our college counselors have given us a platform to reach the next stage of life with an eagerness that would otherwise not exist. Everyone in this room has helped contribute to the success and strength of the Class of 2019, and that is call for celebration.

The individual and collective advancements that we as a group have been able to see come to fruition at MICDS reflect the hard work and determination and how we have influenced this community for the better. However, I believe our grit and perseverance will not stop here but extend far beyond these walls. I have great confidence that in the years to come we will be a group of people who are active on our college campuses, in our local and global communities, and will not only have managed to reach more extraordinary and meaningful achievements but paved the way for others by allowing them to do the same. Congratulations to each one of you, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.