25 Reasons You Know You Went to MICDS

1. You are good with Red and Green as a normal color combination, 12 months out of the year, without question.

2. When someone in your family is accepted into college, your first urge is to throw them into the nearest body of water.

3. You use the phrase “Sterling K. Brown went to my high school” in conversation almost weekly.

4. You know that “The Ramigator” was almost a thing.

5. When someone uses the term “lifer” you ask them what year they started Junior Kindergarten.

6. You can recount the Middle School honor code in your sleep.

7. When people ask what sports or clubs you were involved in, you reply, “How much time do you have?”

8. You’re relieved the walls of Grassi’s, Sportsman’s and Bread Co. don’t talk.

9. Any time you see a school seal engraved in the floor, you walk around it without hesitation.

10. On Thanksgiving mornings, you try to organize your family into a long line starting at your freezer.

11. When your boss asks you to write a five-page report, you think you’ve gotten off easy.

12. Your college campus was a step-down from the perfectly manicured facilities of MICDS.

13. When you attended Homecoming at your college or university, you asked when the bagpipers would show up.

14. While Red and Green should always go together, wearing Blue and Gold is a major faux pas.

15. Blue Whale Cafe is not a place; it’s a state of mind.

16. When you visit other school campuses, you wonder where students store their backpacks.

17. You knew the phrase “STEM education” long before it was an actual phrase.

18. Troubadours!

19. When you see a bonfire, you immediately think of ways to engineer a larger one.

20. When an employer asks about your internships, you say, “The ones from high school? Or college?”

21. When someone says you can’t make a career out of art, photography or fashion, you think of all your friends from MICDS who are already doing it!

22. Legendary football coaches like Bear Bryant and Knute Rockne have nothing on Ron Holtman.

23. May Day is a celebration, not a distress call.

24. You still talk to your teachers, mentors and coaches.

25. Being at MICDS was one of the best experiences of your life. You wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

MICDS Commencement 2017 5/14/2017