A Revamped History Curriculum Grounded in the MICDS Mission

Over the past several months, JK-12 History and Social Sciences Department Chair Carla Federman has worked diligently alongside MICDS colleagues to revise MICDS’ history and social sciences curriculum, especially in the Middle and Upper School divisions. Together they have spent considerable time researching, analyzing, ideating and developing the curriculum scope and sequence to optimize skill building, content coverage, college readiness and transitions from one year to the next, one division to the next and as students come to MICDS from various feeder schools.

The end goal was to better align the curriculum with the MICDS Mission to prepare young people to “meet the challenges of this world with confidence and embrace all its people with compassion” and to “think critically and resolve to stand for what is good and right” so that all MICDS graduates are well positioned “for higher learning and for lives of purpose and service.”

At the recent Parent Association Winter Coffee, Carla presented on the ins and outs of curriculum revision at MICDS in general, and in particular the process and decisions they made to revamp the history and social sciences curriculum this year. The group of parents in attendance encouraged us to widely disseminate this information since many parents were unable to attend—hence, this “vlog” (or a blog that is mainly video content).

Please enjoy this 40 minute overview of the revamped MICDS history and social sciences curriculum.

The curriculum grid displayed on the screen is also available as a download here.