Andy Condie ‘82, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Speaks at Commencement

Our Chair of the MICDS Board of Trustees, Andy Condie ’82, spoke at Commencement for the Class of 2024 on Sunday, May 19. Here are his remarks.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to congratulate the class of 2024 and welcome all of you to the MICDS Commencement.

We are here to commemorate the class of 2024, and you all deserve to be celebrated today. However, in my brief remarks today, I hope that you will allow me to veer off course and talk about another group of people who are here.

I have been fortunate in my life to receive two educations at this school. I completed the first when I graduated from Country Day School many years ago. I am completing my second education this year as I conclude my service on the Board of Trustees.

Forty years ago, I sat in these classrooms, a solid C+ student surrounded by brilliant faculty and straight-A students. Forty years later, not much has changed. I found myself attending meetings in the same buildings, straining to keep up with Jay Rainey, his exceptional Leadership Team, and gifted faculty.

Both educations have been invaluable, but the more recent tour has opened my eyes and helped me see the school from a different perspective. What I did not realize, and maybe took for granted 40 years ago, was the incredible amount of planning, work, commitment, energy, and passion that is poured forth by faculty and staff in their obsession to not only provide students with a first-rate education but also teach them the more valuable life skills of how to think critically, act responsibly and stand for what is good and right.

My youngest son graduated from MICDS in 2020, during the height of the pandemic. Graduation was held outside at Holtman Stadium. While I am happy to be indoors on this day, at the time, I enjoyed the view of sitting in the stadium’s bleachers and looking out over this beautiful campus.  From that perspective, you can see the 22 state-of-the-art buildings, the nine sports fields, and the immaculately maintained grounds of this 100-acre oasis. It is an amazing view of a truly impressive campus.

But it occurred to me then, as it does now, that the most impressive quality of this institution is not the expansive infrastructure. It is the 275 faculty and staff that sit right here in front of us today. I wanted to recognize and thank this talented group of people who come to work each day with the singular goal of helping each and every student reach their highest potential.

So, to the Class of 2024, you have worked hard to get to this stage, and you should be proud of all that you have accomplished. There is no doubt that you will go on to achieve even greater things in college and beyond. But, as you prepare to continue your journey, please take a minute to reflect on all that you have been given. Be thankful for the sacrifices your family has made to prioritize education and support you at this great institution.

And, before you bid farewell to this campus, please take a moment to say goodbye to these awesome people sitting in the front rows who have dedicated their time and devoted their careers to educating you, caring for you, and nurturing you during your time at MICDS.

The buildings and fields that surround us will remain on this campus, but the lessons taught to you in these buildings and on these fields by this incredible faculty are timeless treasures that will travel with you wherever you go.