Speaking at Open House

Discovering Your Passions at MICDS

At this year’s Open House, junior Gerald Bentley ‘20 spoke about his MICDS story.  Here’s what he had to share:

Gerald BentleyGood morning,

My name is Gerald Bentley, and I am a junior at MICDS. I want to speak to you about why I love MICDS. MICDS is a great school because it’s a warm and caring community, teachers and staff are supportive, the community is diverse, and it’s a place where ALL feel welcome. I have been a part of this school community since Senior Kindergarten, and each transition from the Lower School to the Middle School and now the Upper School has contributed to my growth as a student, preparing me for the challenging work I take part in every day.

There are so many ways for students to become a part of this community, ranging from joining a club to trying out for team sports. I am involved in many aspects of the community. For example, I’m involved in Student Government as the junior class president, and I play varsity football and baseball. I’m the Treasurer of Black Student Union, a member of the Campus Democrats, a mentor for Middle School students and new students in the high school through the Bridge program, and I coach at our Junior Rams football camp. And when I do have free time, I enjoy photography and love to read.

This diverse community has provided me with an opportunity to meet different people from different backgrounds with different interests. My friends are involved in many different aspects of the school, including theater and sports, and we all support each other in whatever we do. I have friends who come from all over the area. For example, I live in North County and one of my best friends, Morgan, lives in Troy. As a result, this diverse community has opened the door for us to learn from each other in so many ways.

Above all, the academics at MICDS are challenging. However, the teachers and staff are here to encourage and support you in every subject. In addition, there are many resources available to help students if needed.  My favorite class is math, and I am looking forward to taking AP calculus next year. One resource we are proud of is the new STEM building. This amazing facility has given us opportunities to do labs and connect what I’ve learned in math to my AP Chemistry class.

I also love the teachers here at MICDS. Our teachers are flexible and make you feel comfortable. Mr. Tourais, my American Literature teacher, is very open and approachable. I can meet with him anytime, he’s funny and makes English appealing to everyone, even if it’s not your favorite subject.

Along with the challenging academics, I have learned time management skills from meeting with my advisor, counselor and teachers. Here at MICDS, students learn skills that will transfer to the real world after graduation, and I can say I feel confident I will thrive in college after my senior year. Again, the academics are challenging, but the school provides you with the structure and independence to learn to take the initiative and manage your own time while getting better at it each year.

If you want to be challenged and want to discover your passions, this is the place for you. Welcome to MICDS!